Anyone else not know that they had a ureter?

The last few days have definitely been interesting - that is for sure! :)  Saturday was the Mister's bday & Sunday was Mother's Day so our weekend was packed full of celebrations with close family and friends! It was truly a great weekend.

But Sunday afternoon - I started not feeling so well which led to an eventful 24 hrs. I'll spare you the details - but I have to say that I am so thankful for how the Lord ordained everything to happen. The Mister and I have been so blessed with such an awesome support system.

Sunday afternoon I started getting debilitating cramps and sharp pains that would not go away. I figured I had just been on my feet too much so when we went home I laid down for a few hours, but the pains wouldn't go away. So... I eventually texted a close friend from college who has 5 month old twins and asked her about my symptoms to which she immediately called back and ironically had the exact same thing happen to her (right around 20 weeks). She ended up going to the hospital for it, but advised that if I could make it through the pain - to wait and just head to the doctor in the morning and it would save us some $$$$. We are so thankful for her advice because without it, we would have ended up with a trip to the hospital around 3 am that morning and a nice bill to pay afterwards.

Long story short, Noel (Lord bless her) is laying on my ureter (ok - really - who knew I had one of those??? Not me. Science was never my forte. I'll stick with languages and literature, yes please and thank you) ...Which was causing extreme pain in my kidney, which was causing me to start having contractions and sharp pains in my belly. All that to say - the little boogers are fine and are healthy and growing... they just like to cause their mama a little strife every now and then to make sure I'm fully aware that they are here and ready for action. Which I have no clue where they get that from seeing as the mister and I are such calm, laid back people. ;)

Anyways... evidently the only position that relieves the kidney of pain (and gets Noel off of my ureter and keeps my kidney from getting backed up with fluid) is either on all fours or laying on your left side. As much as I would love to just be on all fours all week... I opted for the bed rest on your left side gig.

SO - that's where I'm at the next couple of days. But as I've had time to lay around and catch up on sleep and the latest trashy reality television (don't judge me)... I've also had a lot of time to think about all that I have to be grateful for:

Monday morning, the Mister had to go to work (I made him go - he wanted to stay, but I am stubborn... our compromise was that I had to get a friend to take me!), and so a close friend got up early and took me to the Doc and by the time my appointment was over - my in-laws were by my side to take care of me the rest of the day (and they may or may not have also taken care of our house too! my house is THOROUGHLY clean for the first time in weeks!!). I've had many friends offer to come over, bring me meals, keep me company, etc. I even had one friend come and drop off a stash of the latest magazines to keep me busy these next couple of days (again... don't judge me). Then yesterday afternoon - I was able to keep my scheduled doc appt. with our specialist and my MIL was able to see her grandbabies for the first time! :) It was so sweet - and the doctor again said that they are showing ZERO signs of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (Praise God!).

Bed rest on one side isn't ideal - I know. But it is only for a few days and I am thankful for the rest that it will provide and I have dozens of other things to be thankful for as well. Yesterday could have gone completely opposite of what it did - and our God would STILL reign sovereign and good - but I am so thankful for healthy babies and the kindness of friends and family.

Anyways... I'll probably be around more this week seeing as I have a lot of time on my hands ;) so I'll catch up with yall later!

Much love, 

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