Middle School Mania

It has been a crazy experience being pregnant with twins and spending my first two trimesters at a middle school... and the middle school I'm at... well, all I'm going to say is that it takes a LOT of energy each day! I've fallen in love with these children and have thoroughly enjoyed them allowing me to be a part of their stories, even if it's only for a few months!

All that to say - it has been hysterical to hear what their comments/questions in regards to me being "knocked up." Hysterical. So I've written down a few of them and thought I'd share them with you. Obviously, all these will remain anonymous for the students' privacy.

So here are a few of my favs:

"Yo Mrs. Salmon, do the babies use the bathroom in your belly? If so that's messed up."

"Yo Mrs. Salmon, with twins do you deliver the babies at the same time or weeks apart? Also do you pee a lot now?"

Student 1: Can I touch your belly? Me: Yes! Student 2: Can I? Me: Sure! Student 2 sticks her ear to my belly button and yells, "I can't hear anything???!!! Are you sure you have two?" To which I die laughing and explain that they can't talk yet and if she's hearing any noises it is NOT the babies. ;) Then the new classroom "belly" rule was you can touch the babies, but only with your hands... not your faces. Who knew I would have to make such specifications?

While walking down the hall.. Student A: Yo Mrs. Salmon, I like your hair! Student B: I like her belly. Me: Hmmmm... Thanks - I think!?

Mid class a student asks: "How did you make two babies? Did you have to do anything special while um... you know..." Me: "That is an inappropriate question for the classroom and is unrelated to the topic, but the short answer is no. Also I think that would make a great health or science research question."

Student: "yo mrs. Salmon, you look pregnant." me: "that's Bc I am, with twins" Student: "that's why u got so big so fast." Fair enough...

"Mrs. Salmon, do you think your god is angry with you for giving you two girls?? In my country, your husband would be so mad."

Then there are the dozens of comments mid class "You look huge today." "Are you pregnant or are you just getting fat?" "How are your babies feeling today?" "Can the babies hear us? {insert loud noises}" "Do you think the babies will know all about Language Arts since they can hear us." "If I speak Spanish to the babies do you think they'll come out speaking Spanish?" "Will you name the babies after me?" "Can we watch you deliver the babies?" "Why do you rub your belly so much now?" "Your belly looks like a watermelon in that dress (to their credit I was wearing a pinkish dress)." "Can I create a facebook profile for the twins?" Um... no. No you cannot.

And I'm sure there are more but these are the only ones I could remember or had written down. But seriously - I usually leave each day with 2-3 more comments that are AWESOME.

I'm going to miss these guys a LOT... but I'm so looking forward to summer break and the relaxation and rest it brings.

Much love,

Posted on May 23, 2012 and filed under Motherhood.