Precious Moments

We've had a lot of sweet moments over the past few days! So much to be thankful for!

The mister and I had some great time with the girls this weekend - it was much needed after his first week back to work!  It really was a sweet time as we're learning how to be a team in taking care of our girls!. I'll keep this post short, but here are some photos from the past few days!

The Mister with his girls taking a nap.

Look at that sweet arm...

Felicity Smiling for Grammy

Noel smiling (notice HOW small they are in comparison to their pacis).

They're big girl beds!

Felicity (L) with her hand on Noel (R)'s  face. The mister says she's punching her... I think they're cuddling. :)

Really - these past few days have been better all the way around. Girls are still doing really well (they are both around 4 lbs now!!! YAY! :) ) And I feel like I'm slowly getting my feet back underneath me... SLOWLY... and am starting to feel more like myself. I know there will be days/moments when it's hard and I revert back to crying in the fetal position in a corner ;), but overall... I'm seeing improvement! I even pumped WHILE picking out an outfit AND putting on make up in the bathroom yesterday. Definite improvement.

Alright - that's all for now. Thanks for your continued prayers!

Much love,

Posted on August 21, 2012 and filed under Family, Twinsies.