Happy Due Date (a few days late)

Yikes a Bee! It's been way too long since I've posted. It's crazy how time flies when you're rocking sweet babies.

It's been a little crazy here the past week or so but I feel like I'm getting into a new normal. The girls finally turned ZERO!!!  YES!!!!!!! Some of y'all are like... WHAT?!? I thought they were 2 months - and they are! But until they reached their due date we've been counting up to their 40 week gestational age. We feel like we've been in the negatives... -9 weeks, -5 weeks, -2 weeks, etc. But NOW that they're 2 months old, we finally hit their due date and we can start treating them like "newborns" instead of preemies. It was pretty exciting! In order to celebrate, we decided it was time to introduce the girls to their first Wolfpack tailgate.

They LOVED it. Actually they really did... they slept... A LOT... which is a rare thing these days. We wrapped those wolfpups up in Moby wraps and they were happy as they could be. We were also pretty excited that the babies' first game was a W. And a big W at that. Way to go Pack at owning the #3 ranked FSU!

Baby girls are getting GINORMOUS. We had to take them for their first "sick" doctors visit today and Felicity weighed in at 6 lb 9 oz and Noel weighed in at a whopping 7 lb and 2 oz! :) They are getting so big I can't even stand it! They are definitely keeping us on our toes as both of them have reflux and a bit of colic. Mil and Pil stayed the weekend with us to help out and my mom and gma are coming in tonight to help out. Praise GOD for family! Otherwise I would go days without sleep - literally. During the night it seems like as soon as we get one baby calm and asleep, the other one wakes up and gets going! It is cray cray up in here - but even though it's hard, I'm still LOVING being their mom. Also, we get some sweet naps in while holding them... I mean, how can you NOT be in love with this?

We're tired, but happy. Oh so happy.

Also I'm getting used to smelling like spoiled milk and not showering. For those of you who knew me from college, we all know that I think it's a fun challenge to see how long I can go without showering without people being able to tell. This whole spit up, leaking milk thing has really up'd the game. I mean seriously... I may or may not have gone out in public to a dr.'s appointment AND to small group with spit up caked in my hair last monday. I mean. What's a girl to do? Two words and One Phrase: "Dry Shampoo" & "Rock that updo." Done & Done.

Alright y'all, I gotta go change diapers and get the girls ready to pick up Grammy and Nanny.

Much Love,

Posted on October 8, 2012 and filed under Family, Twinsies.