Trying to jump back on that horse...

Well, it's about that time folks... I've been "running" for the past few weeks (if you call 2 sllllllooooooow miles a few times a week running). I'm really trying to jump back on that horse (trying being the operative word). The mister, Pil, Dad, Mista Mike, & I all ran a 5k on Thanksgiving & that was a lot of fun... but it was the furthest I've ran since having babies (and it was a struggle) and I haven't ran that long since. BUT, next week starts the beginning of training and I have to admit... jumping back on that horse again is a bit scary. Ok... it's entirely scary because I just can't seem to find my rhythm again. I know you have to find a new rhythm when you're pushing a jogging stroller... but still... it's just not clicking like I thought it would! I'm super slow and struggling. Plus my posture is just weird... I just can't figure it out!?!

As a result, I've been putting this moment off for weeks months & it is FINALLY time to get back into running shape. I have two half marathons in April and even if I didn't... It. Is. Time. Screen shot 2012-12-25 at 10.21.40 PMPlus I'm not gonna lie, some of my added motivation is to get rid of those final baby lbs. For all you singleton pregnancies out there who only gained 25-30lbs and are judging me right now for my 70+lb weight gain...  go ahead... judge away. But just know that I am secretly sitting on you in my head. ;) All that to say... It'll be nice to get back to my wedding weight and getting back in running shape will hopefully help!

So you runner moms out there, if you have any tips... I'd love to hear them! It just hasn't started to feel "normal" again and I still feel like my games a bit off. Could be my lower abs were sliced open a few months ago... but I feel like I'm far enough away from surgery to where I can't keep using that as an excuse. I also can't keep eating for three either... hehe ;) SO lay it on me... any suggestions? Tips?

Over and Out.

Much Love,

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Posted on December 26, 2012 and filed under Running.