The Mister & His Girls


I trust you all had a great Christmas? We had a very fun relaxing one at our home. It was very sweet... I'll have to do a Christmas post sometime this week. Thank you SO much for your suggestions for fun Christmas traditions. I loved getting fbook msgs & comments full of great ideas!

So the Mister doesn't always make it on the blog... but you have to know, he's a pretty great dad. I've loved watching him become a dad. :) One of my favorites is when the Mister comes home or in the morning before he leaves for work, he likes to hold the girls and sing to them elf-style. We all know the scene, Will Ferrel is standing in his "dad's" office speak/singing, "I'm here now!!!! ... AND guess what I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOOOOOOOVE YOU!!!!"

Just in case you actually don't get it... here's a clip...


Well, the Mister does this with the girls frequently... and it's usually about how they like him better than me. The other day I threatened to post this on my blog... and I'm a woman of my word. :) You can't hear it very well so I've provided a few phrases to look out for...

"You. can. have. all. everything you want, but not my money bc you're going to spend it on jewelry & clothes & bracelets & jeans but probably not food bc girls don't buy lots of food, but you'll probably have lots of shoes like your mama."

"They like me."

"Who do you like more?"


Without further adieu... welcome to our world. We are easily entertained.


Reason #4019238374655518192301235723485749302 that I'm madly in love with this man.

Much love,

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