8 months... No way.


8 months. No way.

I don't believe it at all...

I've now officially had my girls longer than the amount of time I carried them in my belly... Crazy talk. They're closer to being 1 than being newborn... which they have been for a bit... I know... but this is just crazy. I just can't believe it is possible. We have TWO kids and they're 8 months old, which just seems SOOOO old to me.

DIt's been 8 months of utter joy. Lots of tears (theirs and mine). Huge amounts of growth (again... theirs and mine). And more smiles than I could have ever imagined. I never thought I'd be very maternal & be all mushy gushy about my kids... but holy cow... I love these crazy gifts. A LOT. (Left Pic: Noel)

These last few months have been ridiculously amazing to witness. I mean... it's truly such a privilege to watch these sweet lil lumps of baby humans turn into active bundles of joy. All the changes absolutely blow my mind... I can barely keep up with it all!

So, baby girls... what all have you learned? Well let me tell you...

Ok... so Lord have mercy we finally have teeth. I felt like yall were working on them for MONTHS (bc you were) and then just one day out of the blue (and by blue I mean a few rough days and lots of teething tablets and teething gel later),  we had teeth! I love that you both cut your first tooth within 24 hrs of each other.  Noel, you currently have 1 tooth and your 2nd lower tooth is still trying to pop through. Felicity, you now have not one, but TWO teeth. Both teeth popped out within 48 hours of each other. All that to say... these sharp teeth make life a lot more interesting around here. You both are a bit more hesitant to stick your fingers in your sister's mouth... and when you do forget and get bitten, it's quite entertaining.

aSpeaking of sticking things into your mouths... Yall are serious about your food. I mean HARD CORE SERIOUS. You cannot see a bottle without drooling and going after it. The same can be said for spoons and anything I eat. You watch pretty intently whenever I eat and start smacking your lips. You're pretty great eaters when it comes to solids though, so I can't complain. Whenever I introduce a new veggie, Noel you take it like a pro. Felicity, you're usually a bit more hesitant the first day, but by day 3 you both are gobbling it down.

You both are trying to move, hopping up on all fours and rocking. But Felicity is into EVERYTHING. You've figured out how to army crawl all over the place, so now my life has become a little bit moreB chaotic interesting, making sure you're not pulling over everything, and shoving everything you can get your hands on into your mouth. It's awesome to watch you move and be SO proud of yourself. Noel, you are definitely our chill baby. You're starting to move around, but your personality in general is much more laid back, so you're pretty content rolling everywhere and getting up on all fours and rocking. You also are hilarious to watch try to crawl, you go from all fours down to laying on your belly and just waving your arms and legs. It's awesome. (Right Pic: Felicity)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Jw6ylhhaJc&w=640&h=480]


CAnd girls you both are SMILING so much now. It's so fun to see what makes you laugh and smile. It is ALSO fun to watch your dad and grandparents do WHATEVER it takes to make you smile. I mean, for real... when you laugh... our hearts just melt. Both of your little personalities are really starting to show! Felicity you are into EVERYTHING. If we give you a toy it goes straight to your mouth. Noel, you are super chill and although you also get excited about things, you like to feel the textures of different toys first before shoving them in your mouth. You both are really happy babies. (Pic: Right - Noel, Left - Felicity)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymHD6iOovvw&w=640&h=480]


EYou both L.O.V.E. your exersaucers a ton. I mean, it is amazing to watch you both jump and figure out how to use the different gadgets. At first we had one exersaucer in the kitchen and one in the living room, but we soon realized that you really enjoyed being in them together! It's so fun to watch you play together.   As for talking, you both are still learning new sounds and then go on kicks for a few days repeating the sounds over and over. My favorite is when you both discovered your fake cough. You coughed ALL. DAY. LONG. Right now we're on "bahs" and blowing your lips together. Noel, you still love to "yell" a lot. It's hysterical. But you both also have this sweet soft voice that you use right before you go to sleep. One of these days I'll get it on video too, until then, the yelling videos will do.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V1emFyiUn4&w=640&h=480]


And yes, Noel... you make that noise while we're walking through the grocery store so just in case I didn't want to be stopped by people (bc I'm usually unshowered, little to no make up, and probably smell like spoiled milk)... you make sure that folks notice you. :)

All that to say, you both are growing & learning SOOOOO much SO quickly! I feel like every 48 hrs something new happens. And let me just tell you this, I LOVE being your mom. I love the way you look at both me and your dad with such sweet eyes & smiles. I love getting to watch all the changes happen daily. You are loved and cared for more than you will ever know or imagine (until you have your own kids... and then you'll understand the idea of unconditional love in a whole different light). If life ever gets cloudy and there is a moment of doubt in your mind that you're loved... I want you to come back to these posts and know that you have always been loved and will always be loved by me and your dad. There is NOTHING you can ever do to change that.

I cannot wait to see how you both change over the next few months! And holy cow... I gotta get on Pinterest and start planning your bday smash! :) 4 months and counting... I hope they don't fly by, yet I know they will.

You are loved.

Your mom,

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