"I'll never..."

You know what you're looking at here???


No? Well look again... and look closely. Because these are two pastor's kids.


You heard me. As of today, the Mister is officially employed by The Summit Church and is the associate pastor at the Cary campus.

Watch out for these two yall. ;)

If I made a list of how many "I'll never...'s" that have actually come true in my life... it'd be an interesting one. (That would make quite the entertaining blog post... maybe one day... anyways). Let's just say that this pk said on many occasions - "I will never marry a pre-sem student, seminary student, pastor, etc." Also, let's add "I'm never having kids" to that list as well. Welp. I might not have married a pre-sem student... but I definitely snagged myself a seminary student and here we are... 3 years later with 2 babies and employed by a church.

God has a sense of humor doesn't he?

But let me just tell you something, I couldn't be happier that the Lord laughed at my "I'll never's" and gave me a healthy dose of "Not your will but mine." I'm so thankful that He didn't allow me to carry out "MY plans" and gave me something so much sweeter. We are thrilled and excited to be serving the people of Cary and the folks at Summit.

Absolutely THRILLED.

And a new chapter begins...

I hope y'all have a Happy Wednesday. I'll be spending mine eating crow. ;)

Much love, Picture 3