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Donald Miller, Words, & My 30th

Fun fact, I don't know if you know this about me... but I love words. In a conversation, words matter to me. How they're said, which ones were chosen, etc. Bless Ben's heart, he's a verbal processor and I'm a word fanatic so you can only imagine how some of our disagreements go. Y'all pray for him. It's not his fault I'm crazy. 

All that to say, words carry a lot of meaning. 

A few months ago I was reading Donald Miller's latest book Scary Close. Now, if you know me you know I'm a huge Don Miller fan. HUGE. I've been reading his work for over a decade now and I've loved being able to read his story and simply adore how he writes so candidly about his successes, failures, relationships, spiritual health, etc. He is always a breath a fresh air and somehow, through his books, I feel like we're pals. I truly feel like I know him... REALLY WELL. Like best buds. Like let's roll out in our saturday sweats and grab some coffee and swap stories well.  Sadly the feeling isn't reciprocated and we aren't family friends, but maybe one day... Alas I get off track. 

Anyways, in Scary Close my bff Don was sharing about a low moment in his life when he felt like he was in a cycle of ruining every romantic relationship he started. He shared how after a broken engagement he started to believe that he was just horrible at relationships and that's just who he was. Don, the guy who was great with written words but bad with people.  It was during this season when his friend and mentor Bob Goff (another person I'd love to be bff with) spoke words of truth to him. He simply said and kept saying, "Don, you're good at relationships." And every time Don saw or chatted with Bob, he'd hear those words of affirmation over and over and over again. Now, I make it sounds cheesy... because I'm not Donald Miller. But he goes on to say how Bob's words were powerful to him. Those words of affirmation changed him by helping him see that he had the capacity to live a better story when it comes to relationships. And of course (spoiler alert), any Miller fan knows that He is now married, living an authentic story with a small community of friends and family now. 

Here's my point: True words carry power. 

The power to heal. The power to change. The power to inspire. The power to shape and mold. The power to encourage. The power to connect. The power to restore. The power to reveal. There's a reason the book of James deals so much with the tongue. It's not our physical tongue that gets us into trouble, but rather our words and the meaning they carry. They have the ability to give KILL or give LIFE (prov. 18:21).

Life. What a gift. 


Yesterday, I turned 30. WHAT?! I know... shocking. I already can feel my metabolism slowing down and everything is sagging a bit more. But yesterday, in spite of my newfound sag, I was given one of the greatest gifts I've ever received. 

Words. Life giving words from friends and family members. 

I woke up yesterday morning to Ben surprising me with a trip to go zip lining. Y'all. He nailed it. There's nothing I'd rather do than fly through the trees to swing in my 30th. And that would've been a gift enough, but on the car ride there he had me open the glove compartment and inside was a book. 

A book full of words. 

From friends and family and many of you. 

Life giving words full of encouragement. Words affirming character traits you saw in me. Words capturing memories. Words that were healing and encouraging. Words that pushed me to love and see Jesus better. Words that reminded me of what God has done and is doing. 

Pages and pages of words that I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around yet, but I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to those of you who wrote letters, Facebook messages, emails, texts and took a moment out of your day to give me the gift of words on my birthday. What a kind and thoughtful blessing you gave.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

Because of you, I was reminded of how powerful words can be and encouraged to practice the discipline of using my words for good more often. And I hope this post does the same for you. Take a moment today and jot out an encouraging text/email, or better yet a hand written letter. Tell a friend how much you appreciate them. Affirm a good character trait in a co-worker. Speak life into your children.

Give the gift of life today, packaged in words. 

 Because let me just tell you, after reading all those words yesterday... I am changed. 

Much love,

Father's Day


I posted this on Father's Day on Facebook, but I just wanted to actually capture it here on the blog as well. I am seriously SO thankful for the men in my life who have fathered me and/or have been great examples of what a father should be.

"To the fathers in my life, thank you for being awesome dads who refute our culture's stereotype of men. You are neither stupid nor lazy. You treat the women in your life with dignity and respect, and you treat other men as brothers with kindness, rather than threatening competitors. You love your families and provide not only material security, but spiritual guidance throughout our lives. Thank you for living lives of integrity and giving me a kind glimpse of how my Father in heaven loves his children. It's something on most days that I take for granted and should not... So today we honor you. And I thank you for the impact each of you had on my life. Happy Fathers Day!"

So to the men in my life... I love you. I hope you had a wonderful Father's day!


Much love,

Picture 3

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Baltimore or Bust.

baltimoreSo every couple needs a getaway weekend every now and then. Am I right? But for real... it. was. time. Don't get me wrong, the Mister and I are SUPER fortunate to have a group of family and friends who watch the girls for us when we need a quick date night... but there is something about leaving for a WHOLE night or two that is just so rejuvenating! So this mama and papa peaced out for a few days and did a lil exploring in the great city of Baltimore. I don't know what I was expecting... but Baltimore definitely surpassed my expectations. WOW - that Harbor is beautiful!!

So I brought my big fancy camera along and took a whopping 0.0 pictures. Disappointing. I know. But thanks to our fancy phones we captured our trip with Instagram and the Vine.

Side Note: I'm not sure if you're familiar with the Vine or not... but it's a video app a lot like instagram, but with videos instead of pics.  I'm becoming semi-obsessed with it... so you should probably just download the app and join in on the fun.  And evidently you can embed VINE videos now into your blog... but my blog won't let me. :( So if you want to see them... you'll just have to click the hyperlinks.  ;)

So back to the trip... I will say that we had one minor hiccup during our trip... and that was the hotel that I booked. I may or may not have booked the cheapest hotel I could find AND it may or may not have been a complete bust. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the MISTER!!! We've come to celebrate!!! In a hotel with holes in the sheets, no air conditioning, and rust on the towels!!! yikes. In my defense, their website happened to leave off those few minor details. In fact, the pics and description looked beautiful... Le sigh. Needless to say, we only stayed there 1 night and then found a different hotel the next night. :) Whoopsies. My B. But no worries... that didn't stop us from having fun.

 We had a BLAST just exploring the Inner Harbor & walking around. We got to visit with some sweet friends who just moved to Baltimore to start a church plant - they are awesome people and I adore them. It was so refreshing to get to walk around their neighborhood and see their new life and home. I love being able to picture where they live now!


 And then after we said goodbye to our friends, we just explored the city the rest of the time. We took a speedboat tour of the Harbor, ate at fabulous restaurants (ok, but for real... Miss Shirley's... O.M.G. DELICIOUS)...


Are you drooling yet? HELLO french toast cinnamon rolls...WHAT?!  GLORY. Hallelujah. and Amen.

 Then on our last day, it was a little rainy so we visited the Aquarium. WHICH I LOVED. Ok but for real... Put me in a room with Dolphins... and I'm going to have a sea cow. I was in heaven. I think I took a dozen pics/videos. I am SO fascinated by marine life. It's an incredibly intriguing world and every time I go to Sea World or an aquarium, I get the sudden desire to become a dolphin trainer (like everyone else there) and then I realize how much I did NOT enjoy science in school... and so going through four years of science classes just so I could hug a dolphin isn't the most rational idea. So I just opt to beg the Mister to take me to one of those "Swim with the dolphins" trips instead. It's going to happen people... it's going to happen.

But for real, Baltimore was a beautiful city, but this mama was READY to come back and see my girls. I thoroughly enjoyed a few days away alone with my best friend, but a few days was plenty... I think I was about to knock over the folks in front of me on the airplane while we were waiting to get off. Upon seeing PIL at the car, I said a quick hi and then TAKE ME TO MY BABIES. Please and Thank you. It was a happy reunion for sure.

Alright... babies are waking up from their naps... so this mama's gotta bust a move, but that's our Baltimore trip in a nutshell! Go there sometime. It's awesome.

Much love to you all,

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