Sister Lovin' & a trip!

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picstitch-7Ok... so these pics have NOTHING to do with this post... but I HAD TO document them. Because I loved them. They're from Uncle Dub's graduation this weekend & we are SO SO SO proud of him and girlfriend L.

Oh and also... GO WOLF PACK. The baby wolf pups loved being one their future college campus. ;)

Ok... Onto the actual post. Sorry I'm not sorry for the random way too cute photos.

Yall, my babies are straight crazy.

I have one on my foot crying because I just took a power cord away. And the other is currently, as I type, knocking over a thing of fake flowers. And I'm blogging.

Welcome to our world.

Anyways, the Mister and I are peacing out for a quick mini getaway this weekend!!! (balloons and confetti are currently falling as I type). The g-rents are coming to watch the baby ladies, and we are headed to Baltimore for a little city exploring. Pumped.

But before we go... i wanted to leave you with these two videos. Yesterday, Felicity was very entertaining. First off, she decided she wanted to see the wipe box... so she climbed OVER her sister for it. The best part... Noel didn't even care. Here's what happened.


THEN... later... she was a little moody and Noel wanted to console her sister (until she got distracted by a toy). Please watch how great Noel is at consoling her. Felicity really loves being smacked in the face and having her toy taken away.


Oh sister lovin'...

Alright, yall have a great weekend! I'll be having a blast. Sleeping. Showering. Eating. Exploring. Oh and did I mention sleeping? All without having two munchkins to attend to. Of course, we all know that I'll be ITCHING to get back and see my girls, because let's be honest, although I love a short get away, I LOVE being their mom. ;)

See you on the flip side!

Much Love,

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Posted on May 16, 2013 .