October Preview


Glory. It's October. I love the fall yall. LOVE the fall. LOVE. IT.   

I just pulled a fresh loaf of pumpkin chocolate chip banana bread out of the oven... and am chowing down on my first bite of pumkin this year. Next up. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (noticing a theme here?).  

There are moments like these, when the babies are napping, I have fresh bread on top of my oven, monograms getting knocked out, blogposts being written, and I feel like I'm on top of the world....... UNTIL....... I walk by a mirror and notice that my hair is greasy and in the same bun it's been in for the past 14 months (Sorry Babe), my make up is missing (no seriously I can't find it... it must be in the car... aka the only place I apply make-up these days), I'm in the same clothes I slept in, and I smell something slightly sour and while looking for the dirty diaper I notice the wet spot on my shirt from where a baby peed on me. These moments... well they keep me humble. Because right when I start looking for my super woman cape, I am reminded that if I do own one... which is doubtful... it's definitely been peed on and is lost in the HUGE pile of laundry upstairs that somehow never ends regardless of how many loads I do. 

But hey, we gotta celebrate the little victories. And celebrate I shall... with a nice piece of humble pie... aka pumpkin chocolate chip banana bread.  I might as well enjoy this brief moment of calm, because in the next few weeks are going to be chaos. Utter Chaos. This weekend some of my college BFF's are coming to town to celebrate a wedding (YAY!). In a few weeks, mi padre is coming in town for our 10 miler. AND we close on this house AND our new house at the end of this month. HELLO PACKING. HELLO RENOVATIONS. HELLO CHAOS. 

But all that to say... I'm trying to not think about it & instead I'm focusing on the fact that I have hot bread on my stove. Again... the little things. 

Another FUN thing to look forward to this month???? An addition to The Sassy Salmon blog! I told you when we launched the new site that we'd be having some fun things going on this fall. :) Well, guess what is opening up just in time for Christmas???? The Sassy Salmon has been sewing up a storm and is launching an embroidery/monogram store. We've been working on it for a few months now & have been waiting to work out a few final details. But we're going to start taking "official" orders soon. Keep an eye out for that!  

All this to say... October is going to be glorious. The pumpkins. The leaves. The chilly nights. Boots. Cardigans. And it's going to be full of change for our family. Can't wait to see what surprises it brings!

Much love to you all and HAPPY FRIDAY!  

Posted on October 4, 2013 .