Letters to my girls: A Dance Party for 3



Sometimes in the mornings we like to dance. Me, you, & your sister. These mornings are my absolute fav. You're oh so full of life, and when I turn the music on you start to move. 

And in these moments, with our hair & teeth unbrushed, we wave & clap our hands, twirl in a circle, and make a memory that only I will have. Because when you grow up you won't recall these precious parties. But to me... they're being etched in my mind  and I know that they're something I will treasure for always.  

But I do pray that in these moments that you'll not remember, you're learning something that you'll take with you throughout life... The courage to dance.

I hope that one day you won't be one of those people who goes to a dance and sits on the wall for fear of what people will think. Now, don't get me wrong... if you don't LIKE to dance, you don't have to & I say BE YOU. You rock that wall. BUT, if your heart cries out to dance and you hold back for fear of what others think, I pray that these moments will give you the courage to dance. To dance, and laugh, and live FULLY. To get down like NO ONE is watching while in a crowded room.  

Because let me tell you, at 14 months old, you both LOVE to move. And I know that years of this life can teach you a lot of things. Somethings good. Some bad. And I pray that as you grow, you don't believe the lie that what society thinks of you is the most important... because it's not. I hope you don't worry about being the coolest person in the room or the prettiest. I hope you don't care about having the nicest things in life, because it's not important. It doesn't matter; they will fade away. And these moments when you can dance, they will fade away too... I just pray you take advantage of them while they present themselves.

I hope and pray that you love God & you find your identity and worth in Him. And I pray, oh I pray that you live your life fully. I hope you pick friends who make you laugh and love you for YOU. I hope you choose activities that you can use your gifts in and enjoy, rather than just doing what everyone else does. And I hope that when you're somewhere unexpected, and the music plays, I hope you throw your head back and dance. Dance baby girls, dance like no one is watching.  

Much love, Your mama. 


Posted on October 2, 2013 and filed under Family, Letters to my girls, Twinsies.