Letters to my Girls: 13 month update


Yall... my babies are 13 months... WHAT?!?!?! Time for a LTMG (Letters To My Girls) update for sure. I know most of yall don't care about this information but hey... This mama likes to capture the details so that one day, my girls can look back and have this stuff to go off by. Consider this digital scrapbooking... minus the weird stickers and things. ;) Jk jk... Kind of. Anyways... Here's to 13 months! Who knew our lives would look completely different?! (Other than all of you parents who have gone before us). Seriously... This time last year... well I don't really like to think about it. All of the pumping, and nursing, and crying, and no sleeping. Yikes. We've come a LONG way babies... we've come a long way! Here's to 13 months and praying for many more!


Baby girls... yall are growing like weeds! Here's what you're like at 13 months! 

Weight: NJ 19 lbs, FH 19 lbs

Favorite word: FH: Light, NJ : Hiya

Favorite food: CHEERIOS & Gerber Cheese Doodles. (No worries, I also make you eat a ton of fruits and veggies... but these are definitely your fav). You also love whatever I'm trying to eat. If it's going in my mouth... you want it. 

New Activities: You both are standing on your own & cruising really well. Felicity, you tried to take your first steps yesterday!!! But alas... you crashed. You both also LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance, and have just learned how to clap. You can say light and point up at the lights in EVERY room we enter (thanks KiKi!). I'm working on teaching you to roar when I say, "What does a Lion say?" It's not going as well as I'd hoped... but we're working on it. Next month. ;)

Favorite Music: Daniel Renstrom's Jesus Wants My Heart  

Favorite Pass Time: BATH TIME.  

Number of teeth: You both have 6. 4 up top, 2 on the bottom. 

Unique Qualities: Noel, you're a bit more laid back, and Felicity, you're definitely a go getter. It's funny because sometimes you switch personalities for a few weeks, but overall this has pretty much stayed the same. We'll see how long it lasts! Another unique quality is that Felicity, you love to sing softly with a higher pitch. Noel, you love to sing loudly. :) It's very entertaining. Here's a video as an example.


 Similar Qualities: You both are very happy babies. You smile a LOT and giggle (as long you aren't sick...). You also have no personal space with other babies or each other. You constantly steal each other's pacis out of each other's mouths and it's incredibly entertaining to your daddy and me. Needless to say, when we take you to the nursery at church and you do that to other kids... they don't exactly love it. Also, I can't count the number of times I'm changing one of your diapers and the other one comes over and climbs right over your face/belly. So far, it doesn't bother yall too much, so I just let you keep doing it in hopes that you'll learn the concept of sharing rather quickly. Here's to hoping.


Twin Things: You both love to play together, which is SO much fun to watch and I'm really thankful for that. It's obvious that you love each other, but you're also getting to a point where you can play by yourself. I love that! My hope is that you grow up loving your sister SO much and that you have an extremely close relationship, but I also pray that you will both grow as individuals and will be able to enjoy things apart from one another. After all, the goal isn't for you to be 40 years old still sharing a bedroom, and a car, and a cat. That'd be creepy. So we are wanting to give you both the tools to do life by yourself. I don't think we'll have to worry about you growing up and becoming overly attached creepy cat women though, because you've also started to give your twin a piece of your mind when you don't like something they do. This is hysterical... as the only actual words you know are Light, Buh-bye, Hi, Mama, Dada.  I have yet to get it on video... but it makes my heart happy to hear angry baby jabber. 

 Mama's Words: Oh girls, you are growing and learning new things EVERY day. It is so much fun to watch and be a part of. I pray for God's grace to be very real to you one day, and that you'll both grow up to be women who LOVE the Lord dearly and use your gifts to bless others. I pray that you'll be warriors in this world, and that you'll "Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might" (Eph. 6). Oh girls, I hope that one day you'll come to understand how much you're loved not just by me and your dad, but by your heavenly Father who loves you more than we can ever imagine. I write these blog post for you, so if the Lord ever wills that I come home before I'm able to tell you these things and you understand them... you'll be able to look back at these posts and learn about your childhood and learn about the Lord, but you'll also learn about how much I love you. It really is a joy to be your mom... It's hard work... but it's a joy.

Happy 13 months... Well technically you're halfway to 14 months... but still... you get the idea. Love you, Your Mama