Letters to My Girls: Two's

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I think every post that I have about the girls starts out with “Where does the time go?” or “Man Time flies…” and although I’d like to get creative and change it up a bit but… HOLY COW WHERE IN THE WORLD DOES THE TIME GO??????

I really just don’t get it.

I have two two year olds. Two walking, talking, sassy bundles of joy who sleep in big girl beds. There is so much to capture. So many moments I don’t want to forget and seeing how things change every time I blink... I better get started!

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There are a lot of fun things about this stage but a few of my fav things about this stage are your language learning skills, your wrestling/giggling matches, and your joy in discovering new things.

Ok… your language. I mean… your dad and I could sit around and listen to you “talk” all day. You’re definitely slow to talking, but it has been such a fun journey. You still twin talk, but amongst the twin babble there are real words. Some we can make out, others not so much. But every week you get better and better.  My personal favorite is that you get some of your labials mixed up. For example instead of saying “candle” you say “camble.” And instead of "paci" you say "papi." And although sometimes you call me “mama,” you also call me “Baba.” And “look” is “gook…” and so on and so on. We love it. And if you forever call me Baba, I’d be 100% ok with it. 

Ok… your wrestling matches. They. Are. Awesome. Like really really awesome. I think you might have a future in the WWF… ok maybe not… but your daddy & I get the biggest kick out of it. I’d go on and on… but I think this video is enough (fast forward to 35 sec and it gets going).

And this one is just of yall laughing... I mean... Be still my heart. Yall are awesome. (Also... I promise I dress you and bathe you... Promise. But let's keep it real. Some days are best spent in jammies and messy hair. These videos capture that. <3 )

And again… your joy. OOOOOOOF. It just makes my heart explode. I love how when you look in the sky and see and airplane or bird, your eyes light up and you yell “GOOK” or “OOOOH!” or “WOW!” Your eyes get large as saucers and my heart explodes, because I love looking at the world through your eyes.

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The newness. The awe. The joy.

Speaking of JOY.  You love your grandparents A LOT… and it’s a shame the feeling isn’t mutual. JUST KIDDING. It’s ridiculous how much they love you back. You love to facetime with Grammy & Papaw and when I ask you to give them kisses, you kiss the phone instead of blowing kisses, so by the time I’m done my phone is slobbery and disgusting. But Grammy & Papaw love it. Then there’s Kiki & Gdaddy. You flip out when you see them and start squealing and yelling “Geeeeeee-daddddeeee” & “KiKeeeee.” Now whenever we say their names you run to the front door, which is awesome if they’re coming… but incredibly unfortunate whenever they aren’t.  Hello terrible two’s.

Oh and speaking of terrible two’s. I pray that one day God will give you beautiful joyful babies who are just as passionate and opinionated as you are. You’re welcome for that. And that’s all I’ll say about that… other than this... terrible two’s are a very real thing. You’ve been warned.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… Girlies… you are loved. A lot. Like a whole bunch. Like so much that sometimes I wonder if you’ll ever understand HOW MUCH you’re loved by us. Or if you'll be ruined by it all. But the truth is we love being your parents. Every second. Every sleepless night. Every giggle. Every fever. Every walk. Every “Baba” & “Dadee.” Every bath time. You are thoroughly and completely loved & we count it a privilege to be your parents (even during the terrible twos)... Such a joy.

Happy two's my two little ones!

Much love,