Easter & That time my kid said "no."

Y'all... Last week was quite the week. No really... It was. 

It was everything it should be with twin toddlers. It had high highs, low lows, and it was painfully beautiful. I'm pretty sure we're not tiptoeing into toddlerhood, we're crashing straight into it. 

Last week included finding shoes in toilets, a child falling down an entire flight of stairs, blood, spilled smoothies, scratches, bruises, snot, and oh so much more. The girls held hands without being prompted for the first time since infancy (and they did it for like 2 whole minutes!!!). They pushed each other off of slides, not down them. They played well together. They played horribly together. We got kicked out of the YMCA for the day. We got them mixed up. We figured it out. Truly, I feel like it was everything it should be when raising two kids, who are the same age, who look EXACTLY alike. 

And let's not talk about family Easter pics. This photo says enough.

To top the week off, Noel learned how to properly use the word "no" with ZERO warning.

We had the girls' great grandparents, great aunt, and grandparents over for Easter. Ok, but for real, look at how loved these littles are by their grands. I was in the kitchen and looked up and saw how much they're loved and my heart pretty much exploded at the sight of FOUR great grandparents doting on them. What a blessing. 

I digress, so the girls were playing in the living room when we were going to show the grands their new trick "Kiss Sister." Obviously we think it's adorable when they kiss each other, and wanted to share the joy. So we told the girls to "KISS SISTER" and they ran toward each other. Noel had a big HUGE smile on her face, and when she got within kissing distance, she stuck her arm out, whacked Felicity in the face and yelled with all the drama a Salmon child should have, "NO!" 

And we all just stopped. Looked at each other. And I was like, "DID SHE JUST SAY NO??" Surely she was saying "Whoa," or "Oh" because every other word they say I have to prompt them. I mean come on, I like dance on my head, bribe them with no chores for life, goldfish and cheerios for days, just to get a please or thank you. 


But alas, a few more attempts at "KISS SISTER" showed that yes, she does indeed know how to properly & emphatically use the word "no!" And no, she was NOT going to kiss sister. 

And y'all, just like that... I have a toddler running around my house telling me "no." My tiny little babies have turned into little-irrational-crazy-fun loving-tantrum throwing-booger eating-adorable people. I mean, I'm new at this whole parenting thing. They're my first, so please excuse my shock. All you parenting veterans are laughing at my naiveté all the while snickering at what is to come. BUT PEOPLE, help a sister out. For real y'all... If there are any other fun things I need to be looking forward to, feel free to holler atchya girl. We welcome any advice, words of wisdom, warm hugs, cups of coffee, ANYTHING. 

In the meantime, I'll be here, telling my children "No mam, no you cannot tell mommy no." Yes, that is 4 negatives in 1 sentence & yes I recognize the mixed message I'm sending. Don't judge. It's survival here y'all. Straight up survival mode. 

Much love,

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