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I have the habit of beating a dead horse when it comes to music (& food). I get a song or band that I like and then I play it... and play it some more... and then a bit more... and then months go by and I realize that I should move on from my obsession but it's too late so I play it some more... And you get the picture. Really... in high school Damien Rice's "O" CD just gave out on me. It literally died. I killed it from being played too much. So I bought a new one and listened to it non stop for another entire semester. Like literally, it didn't leave the CD player in my car. The same could be said of Gavin DeGraw's latest album last fall. Was in my car for 3 months... on repeat. If it wasn't for a Christmas music intervention, it'd probably still be in there. Anyways, this cycle really causes me to get into a musical rut sometimes. Fortunately, I married the Mister who is great at introducing me to new artists. He's been keeping me on my musical toes these past two years and I can appreciate it. Lord knows my iPod does. And I don't only have him to thank, but I also have his musical friends. Robinson is a band based out of Nashville with a winning combination of The Mister's friends. Seriously, hysterically funny guys. All this time I just thought they were funny and BAM they move to Nashville and release an EP. They're funny AND talented. And ladies... a few of them are single... just saying.

Laura over at Meet Virginia did a stellar review of the fellas work and I would encourage you to check it out, as well as her blog! It's a fav of mine! And I agree with Laura. If you like Mumford & Sons, the Avett Brothers, etc. you'll most likely LOVE Robinson.

Here's a little video to give you an idea of their feel:


These guys really are awesome. But as an added bonus it really is grassroots at this point. And let's all be honest, everyone loves to love the band before they become "THE BAND." It's like the ultimate bragging rights in the music industry. Well here's your shot to jump on board, because this band is going places. I keep waiting for their song I'll be Fine to pop up on a Grey's or Parenthood episode. LOVE IT.

So all that to say... give 'em a listen. Buy their EP. Follow them on Twitter. & get ready to be hooked. My iPod is already getting angry with me for the amount of times I've listened to them... Fortunately we just got Taylor Swift's new album and I've been blasting that in the mini this past week. So Robinson's been given a brief break before I go back to playing them on repeat.


PS. No worries, you'll see the twins in their Halloween costumes on Photo Friday - I haven't forsaken you. :)

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Meet CarolineG

Friends,  a sweet girl in my church is trying to fulfill a dream of hers and so I offered to have her write a guest blog for This Sassy Salmon to help her advertise this great opportunity! I love seeing people pursue their dreams and that is exactly what Carrie is doing! So without further adieu, Meet Carrie, the author of Caroline G blog, creator of Caroline Bows, and now the designer of a new dress line for girls.

Meet Caroline G:

About three years ago, I went away on a beach vacation just after graduating college. I had a degree in early education and was jumping at the bit to become a teacher. But without a job in hand at time, I was restless, and with the economy at an all-time low then, I began to wonder what else I could do. As I sat on the beach, I flipped through a magazine and discovered the story of how Eileen Fisher started her billion dollar company. She only had $350 dollars but an extremely driven heart. It made me feel like the sky is the limit. In that very moment I knew exactly what I wanted to do in my life; own a girls' clothing line. I started learning about business by launching an handmade accessory line, and learned and grew from there. 

In January, I felt a deep stirring to find a way to launch a dress line this year. I did a lot of research and talked to a lot of wise and brilliant business women along the way. In February, I found that extra nudge over a chat with my friend, Kate, who reminded me that I really had nothing to lose and that I would never know if I didn't tried.

After much debating back and forth, I finally decided how I would launch it. I would make this dream about more than just myself by allowing others to join in and be a part of it. I created a site where YOU can help me make this dream a reality. Here is the link where you can purchase a dress {or two} and help breathe my dream into a reality. Perhaps you don't know any little girls in your life; it would mean the world to me if you'd pass the link on.


Caroline G.

Here are just TWO of her newest dresses! Check out the link above to see what else she's cooked up!

As you can see, she is very talented! So go check her website out and help her fulfill this dream!

Much love and Best of Wishes to you Carrie!

Posted on May 11, 2012 .