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Thing 1 & Thing 2

"These Things will not bite you.
they want to have fun.'
then, out of the box
came Thing Two and Thing One!
and they ran to us fast.
they said, 'how do you do?
would you like to shake hands
with Thing One and Thing Two?"

Yall. I never knew how much fun Halloween was until we moved into this house. Last year, Ben & I had just closed on the house so we turned our front porch light off and worked upstairs in our house without blinds while herds of children swarmed by our house bitterly watching us paint through the windows all the while wondering why we had no candy. We were those Horrible. New. Neighbors. 

This year we had to redeem ourselves & I was determined to do so. 

Soooooo.... our friends and their kiddos came over and we shoved our faces with BOOritos from Chipotle and prepped for the masses. And can I just say... one thing I've learned over the last few months is that life is done better in community. It really is. A house full of laughing children, friends who know and love each other, and good food. Those are the things that make this broken world much more bearable. Community is God's gift to us, that is for certain. And so last night, amonst gobblins and witches and super heroes, we took our families door to door and watched our little neighborhood come alive... Together. 

And our girls... Oh bless it. THEY HAD A BLAST. Here are a few... and by few I mean a dozen... photos from the night. 


These moments right here. These pictures capture so much joy. And that last one of the girls... IS MY FAVORITE. Sisters. Forever. No matter what. <3

My one regret? We snapped all of these photos before our friends arrived... AND somehow we missed getting a group photo of all 7 children. BOO. SO BUMMED. (see what I did there? womp womp). Oh well! But still... so many good memories made last night. 

<---- But this. I did capture.

When my sweet friend was loving on my little... I snapped this one. And friends... this is what I was talking about. Community. Such a blessing. Such a gift. I hope November is full of love and community for each of you as we enter the season of Thanksgiving. 



Much love,