Rock N' Rolling

Alright... it's time! I'm on the road with these fine people (minus the mister and plus Kelly).

The ladies are ready to bust a move and beast the Rock N' Roll Savannah half. Well some of us are and some of us might not be quite as ready as we should be (cough cough... me). But that's ok. I was originally planning on running for a PR, but now I think I'm trying to set a different type of PR: slowest, yet most fun half I've ever done.  :) I'll definitely be in good company, just look at these people.

I've been asked by many of you whether or not I'm running for Team Samaritan's Purse this time... and the answer is sadly no. I usually try to spread out my fundraising activity over a year or two; thus two races in one year is a lot. I don't want to break supporter's banks/wallets! But since so many of you have asked about it, I do want to point you to an amazing runner who is taking on the NYC marathon this weekend. She is an AWESOME girl who loves Jesus, loves running, and just had a baby. That's right, she just had a baby and is running a marathon... and not just ANY marathon... the NYC marathon. Get it Chloe, just get it. Anyways, we both share a love for Team Samaritan's Purse and she is currently raising money for SP's Children's Heart Project - a great cause. Please go to Team Samaritan's Purse's website and check it out.

All that being said, I want to encourage you to read her heart HERE and then consider donating to a great cause HERE.

"Every action, no matter how small, can bring about change"

Much love & Happy Running this weekend to all you runners out there!

Posted on November 3, 2011 and filed under Running, Things I love---, Humanitarian.