21 weeks & counting

Well friends, we are at the 21 week mile marker! Crazy to think that 3 weeks from today will mark the beginning of the third trimester? On one hand I'd say where does the time fly, but on the other hand it feels like I've been pregnant for an eternity. Babies' growth: Last week babies were a little over 7 inches from head to rump - which means they're a little bit longer this week. Altogether, including their 5 inch long legs, I have over TWO FEET of baby in me. No wonder I look like I'm ready to pop. Praise the Lord they are LONG and skinny  and are by no means tiny! :) With twins, we're taking that as an awesome sign and are praying that they continue to grow well these last few months.

Nausea: Still on Zofran. And I've been doing a lot better overall - however me and the toilet did have a bit of a reunion Monday evening. There's not really a rhyme or reason to it - some days I'm great, some days I'm puking. But I'm at a point where most days are vomit-free so I'm thankful!

Belly Button: It's a weirdo. I have no clue what it's doing... It's neither an out nor in... It's just weird.

Movement: They are movers, but the Mister still hasn't been able to feel them yet. Hopefully he'll be able to feel em soon! He tries EVERY night and I can't wait for the day he can finally feel their sweet movements.

Nursery: We have the furniture... WAHOO!!!! :) And I've picked out a wall color and finally registered for bedding. I was going to make my own, but the Mister talked some sense into me and reminded me that I might not have the time to make two sets if our girls come early... and then I definitely won't have time to finish it! And the ladies off of Etsy usually require 10-12 weeks time to make a set so... Yeah... I opted to just register for some. Next go around though... I'm making my own. :) We're doing dark grey walls with bright bedding... Hopefully it'll be fun! Plus i have a few DIY projects for the nursery that I can't wait to start after school is out. I think my goal is to have EVERYTHING done and in place by mid-July so we can be ready for early arrivals AND Lord willing there won't be TOO early of an arrival and I'll just be able to relax those last few weeks of pregnancy and sip smoothies at the pool.

2nd trimester energy boost: Um... that's a negative. I'm still waiting on it to kick in - but I've heard that sometimes with twins that phase kind of gets skipped. :(

Other weird pregnancy symptoms that nobody (unless you're preggers or have been preggers) cares about: Heart burn (check). Constipation (check). Weird spotting on my skin (check). Food Aversions (check). Frequent peeing (check). Incontinence when sneezing/throwing up (check). Sleep deprivation (check). Swollen ankles (check). Messed up back (check). Exhaustion (double check). Migraines (check). Leg Cramps at night (Check)... and I'll leave all the other ones relating to a woman's chest off of here... but just go ahead and check all of those off too... But I can honestly say that although it hasn't always been easy, i wouldn't trade this double bundle of joy for anything.

Registries: I think I'm all finished - except for the fact that every time I talk to someone new they say "And you'll definitely need ___________" and then I go back onto my registry and add more. So yes... I think I'm done... ish. We are registered at Amazon.com, Babies R Us, & Target. Two of lots of things... whoa and wowzers.

How's my ureter? It's awesome. Thanks for asking. Noel finally moved off of it so we're smooth sailing (as long as she continues to cooperate!).

Exercising: Bahahhahahahahahah.... BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA... as if!? I count running around a middle school all day as all the exercise that I need. :) No but for real - I'm not allowed to run, so hopefully post-middle school I'll start light daily walks/swims. But we shall see...

Next Dr's Apt. : Tuesday. Can't wait to see the lil boogers again and see how much they've grown.

What I'm learning: It has been really neat to feel every aspect of this pregnancy - don't get me wrong I've cried my fair share of tears and felt my fair share of physical pain - but even the lows of pregnancy have prepared me to "feel" motherly about these babies. I've already had to "fight" in a sense for them and for my health and I've had to work hard at staying healthy, hydrated, and semi-sane. It is so cool how the human body forces you to prepare for motherhood even while the babies are in the womb! Pre-pregnancy I worried about feeling motherly - I'm not really the nurturing type; but every aspect of this pregnancy (the good, the bad, the ugly) has given me a sense of motherhood.

Wow - information overload. I thought I was going to write a short 21 week update... Nope. You got a novel. Maybe next week I'll just post a picture... I'm sure that'll be much more amusing. ;)

Anyways, Happy 21 weeks to Noel and Felicity! Can't wait to see their sweet faces!

Much Love,

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