22 & Counting

Preface: This post has a TON of pics... Lo siento - but I couldn't stop myself. 

Alright folks... last time i promised a picture... So I shall keep my word (and I'll give you 5000023418... slight exaggeration). I was tempted to put up a pic of me in my bathing suit, but I didn't feel like taking the time to photoshop the newfound cellulite on my thighs... SO... Yeah... I spared you. You can thank me later. ;)

If you follow me on instagram, you're probably thinking, "HEY - you already showed us that pic!!!" Busted... you're right... BUT it was only 2 days ago and again, I don't think the bathing suit pic is blog-appropriate SO... it'll do! Also, I must confess to you... this is one of my "skinny" shirts. Ha. Maybe next time I'll get brave and post a pic of me in a tighter fitting one that shows my awkward belly button - those are entertaining. ;)

Speaking of swimsuits - I've found a substitute for running. Swimming laps... Amen? Amen.

And wow it felt SO good to be semi-active and weightless. I'm pretty much limited to the back stroke and breast stroke, as freestyle and butterfly are NOT happening these days. It takes TOO much effort to keep this big belly afloat let alone turn and lift it out of the water. Bahaha. I think if I attempted the fly right now people would jump in after me thinking I was drowning (in 5 ft. of water...). All that to say - being on my feet for longer periods of time is a little harder these days, so I've had to limit my exercise blog reading. I get the itch and want to run/jog and it's just not realistic OR recommended for folks carrying multiples so swimming it is! So thankful for summer weather and a pool.

This week, once again, I am reminded about how blessed the Mister and I truly are! We have had so many friends and family members supporting us throughout this journey that I can NOT ever complain! If I do - feel free to smack me around a bit - I do have the tendency to get a little sassy when I'm sleep deprived. All that to say, we have been so blessed by the generosity of friends, family members, AND complete strangers!

A sweet care package from another mama of twins! (if you look closely, you'll see that she already labeled the medication boxes for each twin so I can keep them separate! SO thoughtful!)

Sweet onesies bought with a gift card from a friend! And there are so many others who have generously picked up outfits and items "here and there" for the twins - I really can't say THANK YOU enough.

And this is my summer reading list. All of these books were gifted to us as well by friends and family members - what a HUGE resource and help! I've only bought one book thus far - Baby Wise on Kindle, and I'm hoping that between Baby Wise and the Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins book we'll be able to get the twins on a good schedule once they get here!

And boy am I glad we have these books because so many things I assumed are just untrue about having multiples (according to these books at least... I'll let you know when they actually get here how these theories actually pan out! ha!).  For example...

Who would've thunk it? Not me.

Also we saw the parrs again this week & we got our fav ultrasound tech this time!! I really love her a lot. She's awesome and keeps us laughing. Here are two profile pics of the girls:

Felicity (who was cooperative and trying to sleep quite nicely this time... but her sister had other plans for her.)

Noel (Who was on crack and wouldn't stop moving so we couldn't get clear photos of her. Also, let it be noted that she shoved her bum in her sister's face and then used her sister as a kicking board. We all saw it on film and it had us ROLLING. We are going to have our hands full come the fall... that's all I'm saying).

Anyways... that is what week 22 has looked like for me!

OH WAIT... I ALMOST FORGOT and this is IMPORTANT. The Mister has FINALLY felt the girls moving around! We both almost died when he finally felt them. Such a crazy thing to be able to feel a baby moving around inside of the womb!? I really am amazed at how our bodies are designed to carry and give life.  Totally in awe of God's design and I love that He designed it in such a way that we can feel them within us. It really is the most amazing thing I've felt in my entire life & I'm so in love.

Alright - this is a FOREVER long picture filled post. My B. But for real yo - Week 22 was grand.

Much love to you all,

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