Week 24 (a week late)

Ok sorry this post is a little late - but my last week has been a little crazy. I was so excited that I got to spend week 24 with my family and friends in Kentucky!

Seriously... this week has been amazing. We started the week with my sil, Krissy, and two nephews joining us in Raleigh. Seriously, if my girls are half as cute as her two boys... I'll be a happy woman. Those boys are adorable & yes... I am biased. Nephew #1 is talking up a storm these days and I could listen to him say "Aunt B & Uncle Ben" all day. Now that he's added "Felicity & Noel" to his vocabulary, my heart melts.

And yes, on the day we left he did look at my belly and say, "Aunt B, da twins are getting big." :) hehehehe... so maybe they are...

While in KY, we also celebrated Grammy (my mom's bday) and the nephews' birthdays! It was so fun for all of us to be there!

(Mom, no worries... I didn't post how old you are! And I'm sure people won't notice the candles...)

I also managed to squeeze in some snuggle time with this sweet lil guy

Papaw (my pa) and sweet Nephew #2.

And like I promised... I spent most of my days at the pool in this contraption:

Glory Hallelujah - this float is brilliant. If you're pregnant in the summer months... go and get one asap. It will make your pool time so much better.

I also had my very first baby shower!! It was thrown by the ladies at my home church in KY. And my goodness, these ladies know how to make a girl feel loved. Really... I was SO overwhelmed with thankfulness at how generous my home church is (& has always been!).

Yet sadly... all good things must come to an end... :( and I had to leave KY and get back to the beautiful state of NC.

So we hopped on a plane and headed home! I cannot tell you the amount of stares my sil and I received while trekking through the airport with two children and a very pregnant woman. Krissy was a brave soul to be seen with me. Brave.

And now... I must go because my parents are here with me in NC and my mil & pil have also been in town! :) We've been working on the nursery. No worries... pics will soon follow! But they'll have to wait bc we're headed to the lake later this evening and we're doing week 25 right - Relaxation.

See you on the flip side!

Much love,

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