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Baltimore or Bust.

baltimoreSo every couple needs a getaway weekend every now and then. Am I right? But for real... it. was. time. Don't get me wrong, the Mister and I are SUPER fortunate to have a group of family and friends who watch the girls for us when we need a quick date night... but there is something about leaving for a WHOLE night or two that is just so rejuvenating! So this mama and papa peaced out for a few days and did a lil exploring in the great city of Baltimore. I don't know what I was expecting... but Baltimore definitely surpassed my expectations. WOW - that Harbor is beautiful!!

So I brought my big fancy camera along and took a whopping 0.0 pictures. Disappointing. I know. But thanks to our fancy phones we captured our trip with Instagram and the Vine.

Side Note: I'm not sure if you're familiar with the Vine or not... but it's a video app a lot like instagram, but with videos instead of pics.  I'm becoming semi-obsessed with it... so you should probably just download the app and join in on the fun.  And evidently you can embed VINE videos now into your blog... but my blog won't let me. :( So if you want to see them... you'll just have to click the hyperlinks.  ;)

So back to the trip... I will say that we had one minor hiccup during our trip... and that was the hotel that I booked. I may or may not have booked the cheapest hotel I could find AND it may or may not have been a complete bust. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the MISTER!!! We've come to celebrate!!! In a hotel with holes in the sheets, no air conditioning, and rust on the towels!!! yikes. In my defense, their website happened to leave off those few minor details. In fact, the pics and description looked beautiful... Le sigh. Needless to say, we only stayed there 1 night and then found a different hotel the next night. :) Whoopsies. My B. But no worries... that didn't stop us from having fun.

 We had a BLAST just exploring the Inner Harbor & walking around. We got to visit with some sweet friends who just moved to Baltimore to start a church plant - they are awesome people and I adore them. It was so refreshing to get to walk around their neighborhood and see their new life and home. I love being able to picture where they live now!


 And then after we said goodbye to our friends, we just explored the city the rest of the time. We took a speedboat tour of the Harbor, ate at fabulous restaurants (ok, but for real... Miss Shirley's... O.M.G. DELICIOUS)...


Are you drooling yet? HELLO french toast cinnamon rolls...WHAT?!  GLORY. Hallelujah. and Amen.

 Then on our last day, it was a little rainy so we visited the Aquarium. WHICH I LOVED. Ok but for real... Put me in a room with Dolphins... and I'm going to have a sea cow. I was in heaven. I think I took a dozen pics/videos. I am SO fascinated by marine life. It's an incredibly intriguing world and every time I go to Sea World or an aquarium, I get the sudden desire to become a dolphin trainer (like everyone else there) and then I realize how much I did NOT enjoy science in school... and so going through four years of science classes just so I could hug a dolphin isn't the most rational idea. So I just opt to beg the Mister to take me to one of those "Swim with the dolphins" trips instead. It's going to happen people... it's going to happen.

But for real, Baltimore was a beautiful city, but this mama was READY to come back and see my girls. I thoroughly enjoyed a few days away alone with my best friend, but a few days was plenty... I think I was about to knock over the folks in front of me on the airplane while we were waiting to get off. Upon seeing PIL at the car, I said a quick hi and then TAKE ME TO MY BABIES. Please and Thank you. It was a happy reunion for sure.

Alright... babies are waking up from their naps... so this mama's gotta bust a move, but that's our Baltimore trip in a nutshell! Go there sometime. It's awesome.

Much love to you all,

 Picture 3

Sister Lovin' & a trip!

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 10.19.44 AM

picstitch-7Ok... so these pics have NOTHING to do with this post... but I HAD TO document them. Because I loved them. They're from Uncle Dub's graduation this weekend & we are SO SO SO proud of him and girlfriend L.

Oh and also... GO WOLF PACK. The baby wolf pups loved being one their future college campus. ;)

Ok... Onto the actual post. Sorry I'm not sorry for the random way too cute photos.

Yall, my babies are straight crazy.

I have one on my foot crying because I just took a power cord away. And the other is currently, as I type, knocking over a thing of fake flowers. And I'm blogging.

Welcome to our world.

Anyways, the Mister and I are peacing out for a quick mini getaway this weekend!!! (balloons and confetti are currently falling as I type). The g-rents are coming to watch the baby ladies, and we are headed to Baltimore for a little city exploring. Pumped.

But before we go... i wanted to leave you with these two videos. Yesterday, Felicity was very entertaining. First off, she decided she wanted to see the wipe box... so she climbed OVER her sister for it. The best part... Noel didn't even care. Here's what happened.


THEN... later... she was a little moody and Noel wanted to console her sister (until she got distracted by a toy). Please watch how great Noel is at consoling her. Felicity really loves being smacked in the face and having her toy taken away.


Oh sister lovin'...

Alright, yall have a great weekend! I'll be having a blast. Sleeping. Showering. Eating. Exploring. Oh and did I mention sleeping? All without having two munchkins to attend to. Of course, we all know that I'll be ITCHING to get back and see my girls, because let's be honest, although I love a short get away, I LOVE being their mom. ;)

See you on the flip side!

Much Love,

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Posted on May 16, 2013 .


Well folks, we made it. We survived our first road trip with the babies... Whew!

photo 1

Don't be fooled by these cute sweet CALM faces... although they were fantastic and chill riders (for the most part) they were just saving all their energy for the night time party. What party you asked? The one that involved them losing it for HOURS in the hotel room...

photo 2

Again, don't be fooled, this looks like they're sleeping... And they are... but this is morning time... when they should be awake... Evidently all that screaming for no reason is exhausting.

photo 1

But.... We eventually did make it to Opryland Hotel which is spectacular and all things pretty! My favorite was at night when everyone cleared out and it seemed empty and the lights shined beautifully against the dark sky. I loved it.

photo 2

But I'm getting ahead of myself... ANYWAYS... We arrived at Opryland, gave the babies to my parents to keep for TWO nights (wowzas), and then went on our way to cheer for the Wolfpack.

photo 3

The Mister was pumped. :) I only cried for a little while... and then was perfectly elated about the idea of uninterrupted sleep.

photo 5

So we went to support the wolfpack... and boy did they need some support because that game was just sad... :(

photo 4

But in true Salmon fashion, we all had a great time regardless! :)

I will add this side note of a story for your entertainment. There was only one point in the trip that was slightly awkward... Towards the end of the game I noticed that my stomach felt really cold (it was sleeting and pretty chilly outside)... So I unzipped my vest to find a nice round wet spot from "leaking." Awesome. No big deal, I'll just pump in the van when I get back right? Well, yes, I did do that, but by the time I got there my entire undergarments were SOAKED. So naturally, I'm pumping in the back of a 15 passenger van with my in-laws driving around Nashville getting ready to go eat like this is normal right? And what to do with my soaking undergarment & shirt? Well, the mister dried my shirt at one vent, but it just wasn't doing the trick on my bra so naturally we just pass it up... past my brother in law and his girlfriend, my sister in law and family friend Jules... to my mil, who is sitting right next to my pil, who then dries my bra at the vents at the front of the van while I'm wrapped up in a blanket pumping in the back.

The funny thing is, it wasn't until about 15 minutes in when I was like... this just isn't normal. It cannot be this normal to be THIS comfortable with your in laws. And then it hit me that my bra was being held by my MIL, next to my PIL, had been passed through other family members' hands, and I was in the back of a 15 passenger van milking myself with a blanket wrapped around me. Oh the things you do while nursing to try to live a normal life...

Anyways, the trip was a lot of fun and we now have our sweet baby girls back in our care and life is normal again. Well, as normal as it can be... ;)

Nashvegas was good to us. Hopefully next year we can pull out a W though...

Much love,

Picture 3

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