Things I want to remember... Wks 26-29

Hollllllla - we're in week 29!!! What in the world? Where has the time gone???

Anyways, there are moments and details that I've been wanting to capture but these past few weeks have just been SO busy. So sorry this post is LONG - it is definitely a post that is catching everyone up.  So feel free to skip parts... mostly I just don't want to forget a thing so I'm documenting a lot. :)

So without further adieu... here are things I want to remember about this stage of pregnancy.

1. Freezing Casa

I'm going to start a club and call it the PLSSS: Pregnant Ladies Surviving Summers in the South. We'll swap tips, set up online forums, have ice cream dates, send support msgs on days over 100 degrees... hand out free coupons from Smoothie King... It'll be GREAT.... I digress...

One way I've survived this unfortunate heat is by having an extremely cold house and loving all things cold and fruity. But mainly, having an extremely cold house. How cold? you might ask... well let's just say that at night we have it set on 66 and I still sleep with barely a sheet (and still am a furnace) and the Mister is wrapped up in multiple blankets. I'm not going to lie - when we have guests I warn them to sport their sweats and hoodies. My inlaws have now nicknamed our house the Arctic. I'm fine with it. ;)

2. Zo no mo.

At about week 28 I started to ween myself off of Zofran. It was a bit of a struggle and I had some rough days - but they weren't anything like the beginning. I wasn't puking everywhere - I was just nauseous. And Let's all be honest after puking multiple times a day, a little nausea when I woke up or was hungry wasn't going to hurt anyone. ;) Now, at week 29, I'm smooth sailing. I get a little queasy every now and then, but nothing crazy. Praise. The. Lord. because all I'm sayin' is that there are some side effects of Zofran that aren't pleasant... and I'm relieved to be rid of them (sneaky pun intended).

3. 200 club

I'm not there yet, but I'm fast approaching the 200 lb club and am completely ok with it. Either way I can guarantee in the next 5-7 weeks I'll cross that threshold for hopefully the ONLY time in my life. But really - I never thought I'd reach that number during pregnancy... and then came twins.

4. Cravings - Nil.

Sadly, I haven't really had any abnormal cravings. I mean, don't get me wrong I still love all the things I loved pre-babies (cheese and carbs, smoothies, etc), but I haven't had an intense urge or craving to the point where I HAD to have something. I've had awful food aversions, but those have pretty much disappeared now. GLORY. I do like things that are cool and refreshing - but who doesn't enjoy those things in the heat of a North Carolina summer? Especially preggars folks.

5. Dance Parties

The girls like to move - what can I say? They take after their daddy. We usually have some crazy dance parties early in the mornings, late at night, and then usually around 3am as well. Throughout the day we might get a show, but that depends on their mood. They are moving a LOT and it's been fun to distinguish between just moving around, rolling around, and then dancing/wrestling with each other. It has been my favorite part of this pregnancy.  It's also fun because my stomach is SO incredibly hard and stretched that I can feel body parts and see my belly move in multiple locations. So sweet!

6. Sleep - Idk what that is???

On one hand, I sleep like none other & I feel like my days revolve around naps. On the other hand, I can't get more than 2 hrs of consecutive sleep at a time without being woken up to (1) peeing for the 42239485674th time or (2) a dance party in my belly or (3) uncomfortable pains in my back, hips, and stomach. So I feel like I'm sleeping/resting all day... but most nights I don't sleep more than 1 1/2 hrs consecutively and then am up for hours in between those sleep sessions. People keep telling me that this preps you for the future - somehow those kind words of advice aren't very encouraging.

7. Grocery store trips

It's official - I can't really go out in public without being touched. I did have a sweet old man the other day tell me in the chip aisle that from behind I didn't look pregnant but then when I turned around "WOWZERS."  Bahahahhahaa - it's amazing what people say. Sometimes they ask me when I'm due after saying it must be any day now and I tell them October 4th without explaining that (1) we're having twins and (2) we aren't going full term. To see their faces is priceless. They usually just stutter something like "good luck!" and then move on. Most of the time I tell them we're having twins and then that opens up a whole dif. can of questions - but to be honest I don't mind at all. People are (for the most part) good intentioned and it is fun watching strangers get excited with us.  Some days, on rough days, I get a little sensitive about the size of my belly, but for the most part I find it really endearing.

8. Family Visits & Showers

July is our last month for out of town guests and showers! We had one shower last week, and have one shower next week. We have been so blessed by family and friends' generosity in helping us prepare for these babies!

Check out my Mil and Pil having a race/tutorial on the cloth diapers we received at a shower:

Then we had our last out of town visitor leave today: Mimi!!! I love that woman and was SO thankful for her visit. I'm just now realizing I didn't get a picture and that makes my heart sad... but I'll get one when she returns to see the girls this fall! :)

Then the weekend prior Jenny (Cedarville Friend) visited and we took the girls to Cow Appreciation Day

It's crazy that after this Saturday - all events are put on hold until the girls come. We're in the final 5-7 weeks and are on "lockdown" as our docs refer to it. Just trying to bake these little parrs as long as possible!

9. Maternity clothes no longer fit.

I mean, I could go and buy more... but why when the babies could come at any point? I mean for real - I wear yoga pants, those Old Navy skirts (which seriously are a life saver in this heat), and rotate a few shirts  and that's about it. All of my pants/shorts that have bands are too tight for comfort & most of my shirts are either too tight or short. It's just not cool to be walking around the grocery store with 2 inches of your belly exposed and you don't know it. Not Cool. So yeah... I'm pretty much wearing the same outfits everywhere. I'm fine with it.

10. Bed Rest - psshhh

So thus far I've not been put on bed rest which is AWESOME in my book. I have been told to rest, keep my feet up, no physical activity, and to take these next few weeks seriously to avoid preterm labor and keep my swelling down... But hey, that's not bed rest. I can still get up, move around, go to the grocery store, etc. Also, I'm 29 weeks and NOT anemic with mono-di twins - that is a HUGE blessing and is pretty rare according to my docs so I'm doing really REALLY well for a twin pregnancy and am pretty pumped that the girls are looking good and everything is going GREAT. Also, they said my cervix is looking strong - so that's always a good thing when you have two of everything putting pressure on it. :)

Welp, less than one week til 30 and that is HUGE!!! Then our next goal week will be 34. And after that 36! & then if they haven't made their appearance we'll schedule a C-section that week for the babies to come! yay! One goal at a time really helps to make me feel like we're getting there and getting things accomplished!

Anyways... I feel like that is all of the appropriate things that I can post on the internet about things I'd like to remember during this phase. I have a list of other gross things - but I'll spare you. All I'm saying is that the human body is cray cray.

Much love to you all & I'll try to be better at posting some blogs next week,

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