A Week in Review - 30 wks

So this week has been cray cray. Let me sum it up for you...

I now look like this (excuse the messy bathroom)...

Please notice the space between my shirt and my skirt... holy gap. Week 30 and still growing out... My belly is like a very large watermelon that sticks off of my body. It is super heavy I have to sit/lay with pillow props to keep it up. hehehe.

This week I also was a murderer. I killed a turtle.

Sorry for the graphic photo, but it's true. It was sleeping under my car when I pulled out of our drive and crunch crunch... Good bye turtle!!! :(

On the other hand I also was introduced to Duck Dynasty this past week and I'm pretty sure they'd be so proud of me and would have made turtle stew had they been around.

Something embarrassing thing happened to me at the doctor this week... I cried. Not like teared up - but like I let the river flow one of our sweet doctors. It was pretty pathetic, but fortunately she's been there too and understands the results of sleep deprivation on a woman 30 weeks pregnant with twins. Still... I felt silly.

But on the brighter side, we saw the sweetest little girls again! They are growing and are SO active. They are now starting to differ in size a bit - which is nothing to worry about for fraternal, but with mono-di babies it's a little more important. Thankfully we're at week 30 and this is the FIRST sign of any difference! Docs aren't worried at all, but are going to keep a close watch on growth over the next few weeks.

Also, I bought these... because they are adorable... and they were $2.99 - how could I resist?

Alright yall - Saturday is our last shower so I'm pretty excited for that! I'll try to get some pics up of that later next week! Happy Weekend yall!

Much love,

Posted on July 26, 2012 and filed under Family, Twinsies, Motherhood.