Mama Salmon Update

Yo folks - Mama B here. Coming to you with lots of drugs. Excuse the typos or insanity. :)

Well to say it has been an eventful 36 hrs would be the understatement of the year. We want to update yall because we know our friends and family members share our faith and value community and prayer. We definitely believe in a God who hears us. In fact, it is days like today when I find comfort knowing that I have a community of believers interceding on our behalf.

To make a long story short - bc I'm tired - I am not well. Evidently Preeclampsia after birth messes with people differently. A lot of people get well immediately, some it takes a while. Unfortunately I'm in that latter category. Due to some unfortunate post-delivery care, I was released from the hospital prematurely without a lot of things being checked/double checked... and now we're doing what should've been done a few days ago. Monitoring my BP, enzyme levels, and treating my preeclampsia. It was a whirlwind of events ranging from us refusing to be readmitted into UNC to arriving back in the care of our docs this morning and having BP levels that were within the range of stroke/seizures. So as of this morning, we transferred my care from UNC back to my original doctors, Atrium OBGYN (which seriously, best OBGYN in the RTP area... They are AMAZING), and I am now on bed rest for the weekend until we can get my levels normal. It is hard to be a new mama and separated from your babies (not gonna lie... i cried a lot), but we are now focusing on getting well so I can care for them! Babies need a healthy mama! :)

I'm not going to sugar coat it, we were very disappointed with the care I received - especially now knowing what could have happened. Yet at the same time, we are thankful that we caught everything in time and that I did not have a stroke/seizure while holding my babies or being transported to/from UNC.  God is good, and we trust that he is sovereign. And we have SO MUCH to be thankful for. I want to list them out, just in case I forget or get on a pity party :)

  • For starters, we LOVE LOVE LOVE our UNC nicu staff and are SO thankful that we can trust that our babies are in the best care possible while I cannot be with them.
  • Praise God they opted to allow me to not be readmitted and work on getting well from home.
  •  Our babies are healthy enough to be transferred and Lord-willing if all goes well they will arrive closer to home (Rex hospital) this weekend. This is a HUGE blessing as it will lessen the burden of travel for this mama and will allow me to spend more time with my babies faster.
  • Praise God, my BP is slowly "normalizing" as long as I stay down. The only way I can get better is for my BP to lessen and allow my body to heal.
  • Atrium Docs are legit. I knew I liked them beforehand... but now after having gone through this I cannot tell you how thankful we are for the excellent care they've provided. Top Notch.
  • Did I mention that our babies are growing and are healthy!!!???? if nothing else, that is a HUGE praise.
  • Family who has run to/from the NICU in my absence to take pics for me, transport milk, and hold my babies while I can't.... HUGE blessing. Of course, let's all be honest... the grands are LOVING getting some time with their new girls. :)
  • The Mister. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me folks - it's true. He hasn't left my side and has been such a huge support through this. He's held my hand, helped me pump, let me cry, and just laid with me. He has been a rock throughout this whole ordeal and I am in love with him.
  • Chick Fil A - The mister's work has been SUPER understanding and encouraging and given him time off to spend helping me get better - HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE blessing to this mama's heart. I don't really know what I'd do if I had to be separated from both my babies and my mister.

Alright... That's the update for now. Still not taking visitors both at the house and hospital - but would love your prayers and are so thankful for your encouragement! I definitely wanted to leave you with an adorable sister pic the grands took today. Thanks Uncle Whit for getting some Red/White up in that ugly blue NICU! ;)

Much love,

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