Back in Raleigh

Friends, one of our prayer requests was answered yesterday... the girls are back in RALEIGH!!!!! they moved 'em to Rex and they are doing spectacular! Check out their sweet transportation photo (Mil & Pil were there to oversee the move and get great footage ;) )

They usually have their own beds, but they put them together for the move. :) So sweet!

As for me... since the girls are closer and the transport to REX isn't as difficult as the transport to UNC... the docs were very kind & awesome & amazing & brilliant & spectacular and are allowing me ONE short visit each day until my appointment on Monday and we'll re-evaluate then. This was such a HUGE relief to this mama. For real - it has made laying in bed ALL DAY long worth it. As long as my BP is reasonable... I get to go. If it spikes at all, I have to stay home. Those are the rules, thus I don't leave my bed.  They know how to bribe a girl... Mama didn't raise no fool.

So here are some shots from when we got to visit them in their new NICU home at Rex (the best hospital evahhhh).

The Mister - Such a handsome daddy. :)

NC State Hat = ultimate cuteness

Excuse the no make-up... I don't even care bc my baby is so beautiful... just look at her. :) I think she's perfect!

Also this might be TMI... but I don't care because I'm super pumped about it...

The girls are technically 32 weeks gestational age and they are doing AMAZING. Today during my visit we tried latching for the first time and BOTH of them were rockstars and got it right away! This mama almost died from relief. I was afraid that because I haven't been able to spend time with them like most mamas & newborns that they might not latch well or my milk might not come in or (insert 2043982345 other nursing fears). Anyways, I was so relieved when they both were able to get some milk straight from the source! They still have their feeding tubes in (as you can see in the pics), but it's a start.

Again, thank you to EVERYONE for all of your prayers (keep em coming!) and encouragement.  Seriously... The Mister and I can't express how grateful we are for each of your kind words, prayers, advice, flowers, gifts, etc. We are blessed with an amazing support system so THANK YOU.

Much love,

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