Twin Nursery


So all of June I was promising to get pics up of the nursery. :) And... well... that didn't happen. I was busy... finishing grad school...

Then July... I made more promises of pics... but again, I was busy... laying on my left side...

And then in August... I was pretty busy... having babies. :)

So now that it's almost September... I'm keeping my word and am finally getting them up.

I remember when we first found out we were pregnant and we started dreaming about the nursery... the nursery for one baby... and our tiny office was going to be the PERFECT size for a small nursery... again for ONE baby. Then when we found out we were having two, we had to get creative. Well... I am happy to announce that it all fit. :) There's not a lot of walking room  - but there's enough room for two babies to sleep, be fed, and changed.

What more do they need??? ;)

So without further adieu... the nursery. And man it feels SO good to have little munchkins using it now.

I'd love to take credit for it - but it was definitely a team effort with both sets of gparents (Donald/Salmon)! So a big thank you to the following:

Thanks Mom and Mil for helping me put together the pom poms hanging over the changing station and helping me put the final touches on the room.

Thanks to Dad & Pil for putting together the cribs and hanging all of the decor on the walls!

Thanks to Todd and Leah Groff for the AWESOME artwork over the cribs. :) Seriously we love them!!

Thanks to Hingmade on Etsy for making two BEAUTIFUL and unique mobiles for our girls!

So happy to have the girls HOME in their new room!

Much love,

Posted on August 29, 2012 and filed under Family, Twinsies.