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New Fav Cookie: Double Chocolate Chip

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This post has nothing to do with the babies... I KNOW?! Crazy right?!?! This might be a first since they've entered into our world.

Anywho, for those of you who know me, you know I love to cook/bake and there is nothing that brings me more joy than to find an awesome new fav. on Pinterest. This year, I found the jackpot for chocolate lovers. I've made these cookies a couple of times and they are a hit. So without further adieu I'm going to share the recipe with yall because it is TOO good not to share.

Again, this is NOT my personal recipe (I don't want to take credit where credit is NOT due). Although, I must confess I do tend to take a recipe and never follow it exactly (a little more vanilla here, a TON more chocolate chips there, etc). But if you're looking for the foundation for a great double chocolate chip cookie recipe, look no further. I found the recipe on Pinterest, but the original recipe can be found here at Kitchen Simplicity. Also, all photo creds also go to the original recipe blog.

Picture 19

Here is the original recipe directly from Kitchen Simplicity (great foodie blog to follow... fyi). The only "official" alteration I usually make is I definitely do more chocolate than the original recipe requires. Sorry I don't quite measure, but I'm guessing that I usually use probably double the chocolate chips and I probably use 5-6 oz. of semi sweet choc. to mix with the butter. Hey, the more chocolate the merrier... right? Also, I must scoop out bigger cookies because this will usually get me 20-24 cookies... definitely not 30.

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Much love,

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Gift Giving Galore - Gift Ideas for Mamas to Be

Last week I received an email from a friend who was trying to get ideas for a gift for another mom to be! And since over the past few months we have been BLESSED with so many thoughtful gifts for us and for the girls it was easy to come up with a list - but HARD to keep it short! Seriously, everyone has been SO kind. Each time I would get something adorable, I would stop and think to myself, "I need to remember that for future gifts."  Sadly I should have taken pics of them while they were all cutesie and wrapped... BUT... I was on a lot of drugs during those first few weeks... so I'm just going to create a list here for my sake and for anyone else looking for fun/cute gifts for future moms.

Personalized Baby Blocks by

The girls received their sweet blocks from one of their amazing Cedarville Aunties. I had never seen these before but they are SO cute and a great way to capture all of the details of the day. Our sweet little girls' blocks have their names, individualized scripture verses, their birthdate/weight/length, and then of course a shout out to NC State. They are cute "Little Wolfpack Fans." Very fun gifts!

Ps. After proof-reading this... I realized one of the photos may or may not have nipple shields in the background... Look for the little clear sombrero - whoopsies. :) My b... My b...

Goodies for while in the hospital

I received a couple of great gift bags for while we were in the hospital as well - these were ALL so thoughtful! One was given during my hospital bed rest before the babies were born and the others were afterwards while the girls were in the NICU. ALL were extremely helpful and fun. Here are some items to consider when making a gift bag:

Chaptstick/lip gloss/mascara/headbands: we might be 50 lbs overweight, sweaty, and unshowered but by golly we still want to look semi-human! ;) Headbands are legit at hiding greasy hair and let's all be honest, everyone looks a little fresher with mascara and lip gloss. I would also add a miniature thing of dry shampoo... it's a life saver and they only cost $1 in the hygiene dollar bins at wal-mart and target.

Books/Magazines: My favs are Southern Living (love), Taste of Home, Real Simple, and of course People for the latest juicy details on pop culture.

Hand sanitizer and hand lotion: the lotion is really helpful for NICU moms because you have to wash/sanitize your hands so frequently when at the hospital.

Lanolin - if they're planning on breast-feeding... this stuff is crucial those first few weeks.

Snacks and Gum: Hard Candies are great just in case they have to go on magnesium drips or other meds that don't allow them to eat anything for 24 hrs. Other snacks are great too - I may or may not have quickly yelled at my inlaws to GIVE ME THE WHEAT THINS NOW at one point when the nurse who was administering medication said, "Let me go check with the doctor to see if you'll have to not eating anything while on this..." and I crammed some in my mouth before the nurse could starve me again. And it was a good thing I did... I didn't see food for another 24 hours. And as for Gum... let's just say it's nice to have on hand after that midday nap and you get a visitor or the nurse comes by again for their 302349th blood pressure check.

Fav Baby Books to read to the babies while at home or in NICU: Thankfully we were able to hold our girls while they were hospitalized, but some parents can't. Reading to them is a great way to bond with the baby, even if you can't hold them. And if you can hold them - it's still fun! :)

A TV series on DVD: The Mister got me all 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights while I was in the hospital/bed rest and we continued watching it while the girls were in the NICU. It was a huge blessing to be able to come home at night, check out, and be entertained without having to do much interaction.

Cute Jewelry for the Mama

Ok there are SO many options out there for this one. I received a few adorable necklaces from friends along the way. Here are some cute etsy sites and options:

Two Peas in a Pod necklace by SomethingXtraSpecial. - I LOVE mine. I'm not sure if it was ordered from this exact shop or not, but it's one just like it.

Then there are other necklaces and bracelets with baby/babies' names or initials on etsy. These are great options for a personalized gift for the mama!

I ADORE the simple personalized gold initial necklaces on the circle disks (like THESE) - so simple yet cute! Pretty much you can't go wrong with ETSY... actually... I take that back... you can... but it's pretty hard to!

Monogrammed Goodness

I never thought I'd say this - but I now LOVE monogrammed items. When I first moved to NC, I liked them... but not on everything! And it seemed like just about everything for in Raleigh was monogrammed for the ladies: purses, luggage, necklaces, towels, furniture, food, EVERYTHING. Don't get me wrong, I appreciated a good monogram every now and then, just not EVERYWHERE. But now that I have two girls - having their names/initials monogrammed on clothes, blankets, burp cloths, EVERYTHING is AWESOME. I think monogrammed outfits are adorable on babies in general - but they are definitely essential when there's TWO. Plus it's a great way to make sure your gift can't be regifted - ha! ;) jk jk jk.

Oh wow... just looking at these photos makes me tear up a bit! Look how tiny they were! They've grown so much in the last few weeks! :)

CozeyPosey Hats

Confession - These weren't given to me, but I just found their website through a fbook friend TODAY. But HOLY COW these hats are adorable & I'm totally getting some. I couldn't leave them off the gift list since I'm going to be using them as gifts as well! I have a shower that I'll be missing in October and plan on getting one of these for the lucky baby. SUPER cute.

Alright - those are my gift suggestions for mommies to be! And if all else fails - you can't go wrong with diapers and wipes. They might not be show-stoppers at showers, but they'll be singing your praises at 3am when they "run out" and realize they have another stash in the linen closet from you! Hope these help!

Much love,

Twin Nursery


So all of June I was promising to get pics up of the nursery. :) And... well... that didn't happen. I was busy... finishing grad school...

Then July... I made more promises of pics... but again, I was busy... laying on my left side...

And then in August... I was pretty busy... having babies. :)

So now that it's almost September... I'm keeping my word and am finally getting them up.

I remember when we first found out we were pregnant and we started dreaming about the nursery... the nursery for one baby... and our tiny office was going to be the PERFECT size for a small nursery... again for ONE baby. Then when we found out we were having two, we had to get creative. Well... I am happy to announce that it all fit. :) There's not a lot of walking room  - but there's enough room for two babies to sleep, be fed, and changed.

What more do they need??? ;)

So without further adieu... the nursery. And man it feels SO good to have little munchkins using it now.

I'd love to take credit for it - but it was definitely a team effort with both sets of gparents (Donald/Salmon)! So a big thank you to the following:

Thanks Mom and Mil for helping me put together the pom poms hanging over the changing station and helping me put the final touches on the room.

Thanks to Dad & Pil for putting together the cribs and hanging all of the decor on the walls!

Thanks to Todd and Leah Groff for the AWESOME artwork over the cribs. :) Seriously we love them!!

Thanks to Hingmade on Etsy for making two BEAUTIFUL and unique mobiles for our girls!

So happy to have the girls HOME in their new room!

Much love,

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