Happy 4 weeks!!!

In 4 weeks A LOT has happened.

4 weeks ago today - I was miserable... my body was toxic... my BP soaring... throwing up everywhere... neurologically overstimulated... and with the worse headache I've ever had. I took a fun ambulance ride from REX to UNC and then the most beautiful thing happened... out of all that pain came two of the most beautiful bundles of life I have ever seen.

Four weeks ago tonight... this was going down...

4 weeks ago my babies were taken out of my belly and brought into this world. :) Here are their first photos (other than the ones taken in the surgical room).

Here is The Mister coming out of the OR - look at these sweet moments with the Mister and his parents. I love these. Some of my fav. photos ever!

Four weeks ago (ok technically I didn't get to see them the day I gave birth... but approximately 4 weeksish) - I got to hold my babies for the first time ever!

And less than one week ago they came home!!! And they are growing. Healthy. Beautiful. And I'm so in love. Sleep deprived... but in love.

Really a lot has happened in 4 weeks. My life has changed and will never be the same... and I've never been more happy about it! :)

(photo by our sweet friend Katherine Fallis of Furnished Photography)

Happy 4 weeks of life to Felicity and Noel! We love you more than you'll ever know!

Much Love,

Posted on August 31, 2012 and filed under Family, Twinsies, Motherhood.