These are My Confessions

It's Monday, which means one more day til my MIL & PIL come to town and I get a good night's sleep. It's the little things. Lord bless my in laws. WHEW. They are the best! It's been a crazy few weeks, which I'm beginning to think life will always consist of crazy weeks. But don't get me wrong, I love our crazy weeks. There are a few things I need to confess though about these few weeks.

First off, here's a secret... The Mister and I have NO clue what we're doing. As if that's any shock to you. :) No but really, we have no clue. I've read dozens of books, seen dozens of doctors/nurses/lactation consultants/etc. and the truth is... I think we make everything up on the spot as we go. And from what I hear, that's the epitome of parenting and as soon as you master one phase, the kid/s grow up and move on to the next and you're clueless again. So yes. Constant. State. Of. Clueless.

Second, I shower twice a week and if you see me between those days, there is a pretty good chance that I smell like spoiled milk covered up with body spray. I'm fine with it. Last night I went to church in a nursing tank that I had been in for at least 36 hrs... And all I'm saying is my babies are messy eaters. That shirt was far from clean. But I was just proud to make it out of the house. Again - it's the little things I've gotta cling to.

Third, We are never on time. NEVER. We actually have just embraced it and switched going to church on Sundays to Saturday nights until we start sleeping again. Mornings are hard and the hrs. 8am-11am are the only hours where I can almost always bank on getting some sleep. So Sundays have proven difficult. We tried it out last night and the early Saturday night service is where it's at yo. It falls right between feedings so it works out perfectly. We had to figure out something because I realized that since the end of July, I had only been to church twice. YIKES. Night service it is.

Fourth, I might be looking into investigating how to sound proof our nursery. A little dramatic you say? I think not. Here's a video Mil took last week for proof (turn your sound up for a little peak at what goes down at night):


Fifth, I'm dying for them to smile at me and not just for gas. Just one genuine smile that isn't followed by a dirty diaper. I CAN'T WAIT. I thought I had one the other day... I was kissing Noel on both cheeks and then pulled back and she gave me a half smile, so I continued. And then I got a whole smile... I was ELATED so I continued... And then she projectile vomited all over my shirt, arm, and couch. So yes, just in case I thought the medicine was working, no they still have a bit of reflux.

Sixth, and last but not least... I have lost my mind. You think I'm joking? No. Baby brain aint no joke. I've actually forgotten articles of clothing before in crucial situations. Just a word of advice, if you're ever in a stressful situation while nursing upstairs & you have to suddenly run downstairs to grab something while in your bra... please remember that your PIL may or may not be downstairs. Handing him a baby mid-stressful emergency while not wearing a shirt could be awkward. Well i guess technically i was wearing a shirt... it was just pulled down over my waist. That doesn't count... does it?? What's more amazing, I didn't realize I wasn't wearing a shirt til about 15 minutes later when Pil was outside walking/calming a baby! The good thing is, he didn't notice either. :/ Eeeek. Awkward. It happens more often than it should. Welcome to my life.

Alright, in true Usher form, these are my confessions. Peace out.

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