Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve Y'all!

Christmas elves

Well it's full-speed Christmas mode at our house. Our Christmas plans have changed significantly in the past few days so this mama has been doing what I can to get our home up to speed! We were planning on heading to my inlaws for Christmas, but sadly one of our family members came down with the flu so we're not going to be able to head that direction. :( After I shed a few tears (yes... I did... don't judge me), I went into full planning mode. Sometimes the Mister can be a bit of a grinch about holidays - "It's just another day... we should celebrate this all year... blah blah blah." It's not that he doesn't appreciate the meaning of the holidays, I think he's just not a fan of the commercial hooplah. But since I'm pretty obsessed with Christmas, we're a perfect fit. We balance each other out. ;) All that to say, I definitely knew that I'd be the one running the holiday cheer around here.

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So the girls and I have been baking up a storm, Christmas music is full blast, holiday candles are lit, & I went shopping for holiday meals. Tonight we're doing a homemade lasagna & tomorrow I'm doing a ham. For breakfast tomorrow, we're doing the Mister's favorite: Waffles. Personally, I'm more of a pancake person... But hey, I love that kid so waffles it is!

We're also trying to think of fun Christmas traditions we can start as a family. It's a little hard as the girls are still too young to understand, but if you have any good ideas I'd love to hear them!

So from our crazy family to yours, Have a Merry Christmas! I wish you a Christmas day full of hope. Hope not found in traditions or family (although I do love both of them), but a hope found in a baby sent to save our world.

Much Love,

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