Photo Friday: 4 month photo shoot!!!


Baby girls turned 4 months old the beginning of December and what better way of capturing their growth than by having the fabulous Katherine Fallis come over for a little photo shoot? She really is the best. You've got to be if you're willing to put up with pee, spit up, melt downs, and all the other things that accompany naked baby bottoms.

Without further adieu, here is some of her work.

IMG_1098IMG_1179IMG_1235IMG_1165IMG_1114IMG_1210 IMG_1187IMG_1258b&wIMG_1275b&wIMG_1288b&wIMG_1260b&wIMG_1271IMG_1302b&w

For labeling purposes ;) : Christmas shots - Felicity has the hat with the red trim and puff, Noel has the hat with the green trim and puff.  Black and white shots - the first two are Noel, second two Felicity. Headband shots - Noel has the white, Felicity has the pink.  Black and white mommy shot - Felicity on right, Noel on left.

Much Love,

Picture 3

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