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I've been asked by a few people to put up things that were helpful for me with twins... So I created a Twintastic page for resources and other twin-things. :) One of the most popular requests I've received thus far is "What the heck did you register for and which items do you suggest getting double?"

Thus I'm trying to recall what all I put on the registry, what all we use, and what is necessary and what is not. :) This was something that I really struggled with. I remember walking through Babies R Us getting SO overwhelmed, pulling the trigger twice on some things... and then trying to figure out what we only needed one of. I think I left the store the first time CRYING. It's ok... hormones are real... and YOU have double. ;) So don't feel alone if this is where you're at right now! The reality is... every family's situation is different. Our strategy was to just register for a lot of things that were suggested to us, and if we didn't get it... no big deal! We'd make do! Again, every family is different and every child is different. So you might not NEED all of these. You be the judge! But these are things we really use and enjoy.

Side note: At the point of writing this, you should know that our kids are almost 6 months old now so this is more for the first few months than anything. 

Side note #2: Also, research in your area if there is a group for moms of multiples. A lot of times they'll have HUGE consignment sales. I got our car seats and stroller from one of these for CHEAP. It's a great place to pick up a pack n play or other odds and ends too! 

Cribs - 2  (our babies came home from the NICU straight into the nursery, we did not keep them in our room with us. I went to them to nurse at night. Also, our babies slept in separate cribs from day 1)

Dresser - 1

Car seats - 2 (duh.)

Double Stroller - Ok... so this one is tricky. We were actually given 3 types so I've tried out three different ones. Some people LOVED the snap and go... I did not. Here's why: Our babies were preemies, so I felt like they were more accessible to the public in the Snap and GO. You're already a freak show with two car seats, so people are drawn to your cute lil ones. And let's be honest some folks have no awareness that you shouldn't touch newborns... especially TINY ones. So I felt like a regular double stroller offered more "protection" if you will. Thus I liked the bigger bulky one even though it was... bigger and bulkier. So when the girls were small, I would frequently go places with the double stroller that matched our carseats (we used a chicco). I also am a runner, so I wanted to get a double running stroller. We use a Bob double jogging stroller & love it. Sadly, Bob doesn't offer a double stroller attachment that holds car seats. So... if you're a runner... you'll need two strollers. One for running when the babies are older... and one for car seats.

Changing Pad & Cover - 1 pad, 2 covers (so when the cover gets dirty we can put another one on while it's in the wash)

Boppy (singleton size) - 2  (honestly, I don't use them often enough. We could have gone without them. I use them... but again... they are not a necessity.)

NO CLOTHES or blankets or stuffed animals - you'll get plenty of these... I promise. And if you're worried about having preemies, wait to purchase these until you know for sure! You never know whether or not you'll go full term! We did not & our NICU had preemie clothes the girls wore until the gma's were able to get to the store to pick up a few outfits.

Swaddle Blankets - 10 We love Aden + Anais swaddle blankets for swaddling & now for burp cloths and blankets. They're great! We have a stash that we use all the time!

Monitor - 1 display, 2 cameras (we received this monitor system and LOVE it.)

Bouncers - 2

High Chairs - 2

Swings - We registered for 2 and received 2. And honestly, although 2 is not a necessity... it is nice to have on hand if your babies really like the swings. But again... they aren't necessities.

Jumperoos/Exersuacers - The same can be said for these as the swings.

Moby Wraps - 2 (WE LOVE OUR MOBY WRAPS!!!!!!)

Maya Wraps - 2 (Ok... confession... I may or may not wear both babies at once with 2 of these. I know, it's not recommended... but you do what you gotta do when both babies are screaming. Only do what you're comfortable doing though... and maybe borrow a friend's before purchasing and wearing two. Try it out when the babies are calm & be sure to follow ALL instructions.)

Sheets & mattress covers - at least 4 so when you don't have to keep the babies out of their cribs when washing/drying them.

Pack n Play - 1 (we have never been in a situation where we'd need 2 yet... but that day might come.) We ordered this one with a double bassinet for twins. LOVE it. You will need a specific twin pack n play sheet for it as it is slightly bigger than a regular pack n play (again... get 2 sheets). *EDIT* We just now need two pack n plays... and the girls are almost 7 months. And we only use them when we travel. :)

Bottles - 10 (We use Dr. Browns 8oz bottles. And the quantity will depend on how frequent you bottle feed). Also register for bottle cleaning items... whatever you're most comfortable with!

Double feeding boppy for twins - 1 (go ahead and buy this. We used a borrowed one and ended up just buying our own. I would definitely buy one of these over a regular boppy if you are going to nurse).

Diapers - We used cloth diapers once the girls were 8lbs. A stash of 50ish (+/- 10) is plenty and allows you to go 2-3 days without washing them... If you're using disposables... it might be nice to have just a diaper shower... SERIOUSLY, you won't believe HOW MANY diapers these babies go through in a day. It's quite impressive.

Diaper Pail - Again, since we use cloth, our system is different. It'll all depend on whether or not you have a two story house... where you typically change diapers etc. I plan on doing a cloth diapering for twins post in the near future and will add a link HERE with all the details and other items you'll need once I do.

Wipes - We use disposables... and you can never have too many of those.

Bumbos - 2

Playmats - 1 (our girls share one... we received 2 but returned 1)

Pacis - We use Wabbanubs and have multiple for each girl. We love these. I would say at least 2 per child for washing purposes.

Gas drops, Baby Tylenol, Baby bath wash, lotion, etc. - All of this will be given to you at showers. :) Trust me. But if not... I'd buy some and have them on hand. You may want to buy 2 of each if you don't want your twins to share. We let them share unless they're sick (which they haven't been yet...).

We also registered for other items, like a breast pump, lanolin, and other random things. But the things listed are items that we really go through or use a lot. :)  I think the key thing to keep in mind is... we live in a very fortunate country... really all the baby needs is a mom that loves them and food to eat. All other things are accessories. ;) You are going to do GREAT, regardless of what materials you have. So relax, register, and enjoy what you are given and purchase.

Hope this helps!

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