Catch Up

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Yall... again... I apologize for the lapse in time. It's been too long! It's been a fun though. Let's play a quick game of catch up.

First, I went to the in laws for the weekend and had a grand ole time celebrating the upcoming birth of baby Davis! :)

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That lil' boy is already loved by so many and has such great parents! What a lucky guy he is!

The babies and I had a great time at KiKi and G-Daddy's. Lots of lounging and hands to help make this mama a happy woman! Plus we got to watch State beat UNC which is a pretty good weekend in our book.

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Then we back to Raleigh and the Mister and I went on a date! That's right people... we go on dates (this is just shy of being categorized as a miracle)... MUCH thanks to Mil & Pil who come down and watch the girls for us. This time Mil took on the girls solo and was a champ. She's getting pretty good at this whole KiKi thing.

So we went to a fav of mine, Lilly's Pizza, and then on our way home spontaneously wandered through a Barnes & Noble.

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We had a really great time! They say to not judge a book by its cover, but let's be honest... You can tell a lot by a book's cover. Not always... but most of the time. So we wondered around looking at books and I kept wondering "Is this good? Have I only not heard of some of these because my head has been in 'new-mommy-of-twins' world the past 6 months? Or is it actually that I'm just losing touch with the book world? Or are these books just not good?" So as I was wondering all of this... I thought to myself, "Self, ask your blogger friends!" So here I am. Have any of you had read any of the books below? I went ahead and ordered J.K. Rowling's latest book from amazon (undecided on how I feel about that, but think she at least deserves a shot) and Matched (excited about an easy fun read & have heard from a few friends that these are good). Have any of you read any of these below? Holler back with your thoughts if so!

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Well, you'll probably not hear from me for a few more days... ok more like a week... because my house is going to be DOUBLE troubled out yo. That's right. We're having company & the lucky guests are friends with another set of twins. THAT'S RIGHT. TWO SETS OF TWINS under ONE roof. It's going to be all sorts of cray cray up in here. 4 children under the age of 15 months. Glory. You should say a prayer. It's going to be awesome! :)

See you on the flip side!

Much love,

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