Photo Friday... errr... Saturday

I'm not super great about keeping up with what day it is... truth. I'm getting better... but still I'm not the greatest. For example... I could've sworn yesterday was Thursday and today was Friday. Nope. Not true. My bad. Anyways... today is Saturday and I forgot to post my photo friday. :)

Fav photo of the week is without a doubt one the Mister took:

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 12.43.46 PM

They are just figuring out that there is another one of them. That's right girls... there are TWO of you. It's quite shocking when you first find out... trust me, I know.

I love it when they're "playing" together. Felicity HAS to hold Noel's hand when she's beside her. And although Noel doesn't necessarily always want her hand occupied, she usually puts up with it in her chill fashion. In the rare chance she pulls her hand away... don't you worry, Felicity will grab Noel's ear and hold it instead.

Another favorite photo of mine of them playing with each other was taken a little while ago:


Evidently Noel does draw the line somewhere. She doesn't mind holding hands, but she'd prefer for Felicity to keep her hands out of her mouth... I'd say that's a fair request.

Anyways, Happy Weekend y'all!

Much love,

Picture 3

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