Twin City

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Yall, we had so much fun this past weekend!!! Our friends Brenna & Dave and their twins Ava and Cooper were so much fun! It was really great to get to spend some quality time with them, meet their kiddos, and just be around other twin parents.

We didn't do much... although a trip to target and a trip to Chick-fil-a were definitely a necessity for these northerners. (Side note... Dave had never been to a chick-fil-a... GASP!!!!! we HAD to fix that. I mean... for real... what kind of CFA family would we be if we didn't introduce our guests to that deliciousness??!?). Needless to say... two sets of twins strolling around target got quite a few stares and comments... so we mainly kept the crazy at home. I also learned that I have a long ways to go before child-proofing our home for 1 year olds... It's crazy to think that we're only 6 months away from a year & a lot can happen in those few months! Whew.

All that to say... we had a great time! There was a lot of laughter and sweet memories made! :) Here are a few of my fav pics from the weekend!

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Sweet sweet sibling snuggle time!

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The four of them!

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The Mamas and the Babes

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Snuggle time with the Mister.

Much love,

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