Movie Monday

Over the last week, something magical has happened. 

Our sweet first born has taken off. She's been taking steps here and there for a while, just proving that she has the ability to walk... but she still used crawling for her main mode of transportation...

until now. 

Then last week, something clicked... and now this is our life. 


My lil girl is a walker now. It's so weird to see her cruising around like she owns the place. But folks... it happened and now we have 1 walker.

Noel on the other hand is very content crawling still. She too has the ability to walk and every now and then shows it, but for the most part she keeps her new talent on the DL. Why walk when you can crawl? Right? Sure... why not! You be you girl. 

This is the first milestone that they've done differently and it really does show the differences in their personalities! And I love that she doesn't feel pressured to walk just because her sister is walking. I LOVE IT. I think it's amazing how both of them already are showing off the gifts God has given them in different ways. LOVE it. 

They really are the apples of my eye... that is for sure. Sorry for the sap. But for real... I adore them.

Also just in case one video wasn't enough (indulge me... ok?) 

There's this... 

Yup. This is a pretty accurate portrayal of our life at the Salmon casa. A few things to note...

1. Yes, everyone else is dressed and I'm sitting in pjs... Don't judge me. 

2. Please tell me you saw the Mister's cameo? Goof.

3. That baby chatter is music to my ears... ALL DAY LONG. and I love it. 

4. For those of you who ask if our girls get along or ever fight... I feel like this video about sums up their relationship. "YAY we love each other. BOOO Get out of my space. YAY we love each other. FOR REAL, get up off me." They crack me up.

5. yes i'm sitting in a pile of laundry. Again... withhold judgement por favor. Story. Of. My. Life. Laundry... it never ends. EVER.

6. Seriously... do you see my big girl walking???? Crazy little munchkin. 

Happy Monday y'all! 

Much love