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Movie Monday

Over the last week, something magical has happened. 

Our sweet first born has taken off. She's been taking steps here and there for a while, just proving that she has the ability to walk... but she still used crawling for her main mode of transportation...

until now. 

Then last week, something clicked... and now this is our life. 


My lil girl is a walker now. It's so weird to see her cruising around like she owns the place. But folks... it happened and now we have 1 walker.

Noel on the other hand is very content crawling still. She too has the ability to walk and every now and then shows it, but for the most part she keeps her new talent on the DL. Why walk when you can crawl? Right? Sure... why not! You be you girl. 

This is the first milestone that they've done differently and it really does show the differences in their personalities! And I love that she doesn't feel pressured to walk just because her sister is walking. I LOVE IT. I think it's amazing how both of them already are showing off the gifts God has given them in different ways. LOVE it. 

They really are the apples of my eye... that is for sure. Sorry for the sap. But for real... I adore them.

Also just in case one video wasn't enough (indulge me... ok?) 

There's this... 

Yup. This is a pretty accurate portrayal of our life at the Salmon casa. A few things to note...

1. Yes, everyone else is dressed and I'm sitting in pjs... Don't judge me. 

2. Please tell me you saw the Mister's cameo? Goof.

3. That baby chatter is music to my ears... ALL DAY LONG. and I love it. 

4. For those of you who ask if our girls get along or ever fight... I feel like this video about sums up their relationship. "YAY we love each other. BOOO Get out of my space. YAY we love each other. FOR REAL, get up off me." They crack me up.

5. yes i'm sitting in a pile of laundry. Again... withhold judgement por favor. Story. Of. My. Life. Laundry... it never ends. EVER.

6. Seriously... do you see my big girl walking???? Crazy little munchkin. 

Happy Monday y'all! 

Much love


September is coming! September is coming!


Friends, August is almost over.

I'm just letting you know because it definitely snuck up on me. The Mister and I were chatting the other night about plans for Labor Day weekend, and when I mentioned how far away it was... He just looked at me like I was oblivious (bc I was) and politely informed that it was next week. NEXT WEEK PEOPLE. And I fell out of my chair from the shock of it all... Where does time go? Seriously. I'm pretty sure August just started... how can it be ending so soon???

All that to say... 

September is coming... THE FALL IS COMING!!!!!

Fall means a lot of different things to different people. But one of the things I LOVE about fall is the food (duh). None of you are surprised by that, I know. So last week when it dipped below 70 those few days, I may or may not have pre-gamed a bit and made the first batch of chili this year. A little premature... I know. But I just got SO excited about the cool weather! I was tempted to break out my fall decor to celebrate, but we're currently staging our house and prepping for putting it on the market so since less is best, I only put out a few things.  



Yup, my two FAVORITE fall candles from Bath & Body Works (Leaves and Autumn) and my football decal for the Happy Everything Plate. Seriously, these items just make my heart flutter. Speaking of football... We are 1 week away from NC STATE's first home football game. To say our family is excited is probably a gross understatement. We may or may not have the girls' outfits already picked out. And we're starting to recruit babysitters for late evening games. Seriously... I told you we're excited.  

All this to say... FALL IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER. And this mama's heart is excited by thoughts of crisp evenings, the beautiful Raleigh tree line, cobblers, babies in hoodies, soups, exploring a pumpkin patch, and the potential to break out my boots. Oh and being able to run without feeling like you're being suffocated by the humidity will also be nice! ;)

And right after FALL is the HOLIDAY season... Heaven help the Mister... this is my FAVORITE time of year. People, we're on the brink of my giddy season, so yall be warned and watch out. The blog could potentially have an obnoxious amount of spice and glitter. I'll try to keep it to a minimum... but I'm not making any promises. 

Enjoy these last few days of August! 



A Letter To My Girls: 1 year


Happy Birthday! Well technically you're one year and one week old, but mama hasn't had time to blog this past week. Between your party, and family, and church things... and your snot (lots of snot)... I haven't gotten around to writing you your letter. But I haven't forgotten you. No. These words have been on my lips and were in the process of being written on my heart over the past few weeks.

One year.

We did it.



We're all alive and well and thriving.

Kind of.

No we're totally thriving. Don't let the picture fool you. ;)

There were months when I wasn't sure we'd make it, but girls, we're here. Everyone said that with multiples that first year is a doozy, and let me tell you something... it was a LOT of hard work (& little sleep) and I have no intention of ever letting you forget it. Especially when you're 16. But it was also the best year of my life thus far.

The Best.

I want to start this letter with a story and hope that one day you'll understand what I mean by it.

Once upon a time a girl was born. This girl was loved a lot by her parents and grew up searching for adventure, excitement, and like all young people in her generation, she wanted to save the world. She didn't have time for things like marriage or babies... or so she thought. Her eyes were set on places afar and journeys to be had. But then one day, a handsome redhead caught her eye. And after some time, they decided that their adventures would be a lot more fun if they did life together. So they got married and they were right! They had a lot MORE fun together than when they were apart. The boy, well, he ALWAYS wanted a lot of kids, but that girl... well she was a little scared of what would happen to her life and dreams once she had babies. She was afraid that life would be boring and that they couldn't travel anymore. So they waited a little while before talking about starting a family because when they did talk about it, the young girl would break out in hives at the thought of it (slight exaggeration). Then one day, God blessed them with two babies. And at first it was scary, because they didn't know what they would do with TWO babies at ONE time. But God was faithful and He provided for them every step of the way.

Then one exhausted day, a few months after the 2 precious, beautiful, lovely, sweet, amazingly identical girls were born, the mommy went to Target with her sweet precious babies (all good mommy stories should have Target in them... am I right?). And she saw these cards, teared up, and had to buy them.



Every single day, do something that makes your heart sing. - Marcia Wieder

Do you know why I had to buy them, my sweet girls? I had to buy them because for the first time in my life I realized that I had a job that made my heart sing. Every. Day. All the traveling in the world doesn't compare to what I get to do now. (And don't get me wrong, we've done our fair share of traveling since you've been born too!!!! You've made 3 roundtrips in airplanes this year!).

But traveling isn't the point. The point it is...

Every single day I get to do something that makes my heart sing... and that's take care of you.  Watching you grow and learn. Playing with you every day. Listening to you "chat" with one another. Teaching you to wave. Picking you up when you fall. Feeding you. Rocking you. Taking you for walks. Reading you books. Soaking in your smiles and giggles.

Every second of it I'm trying to capture and remember, because I know that time passes so quickly. But the important thing for you to remember is that YOU make my heart sing, and being your mom and a wife to your daddy is my greatest joy and accomplishment on this earth.

This first year of your life has been amazing; It's also been the hardest and greatest year of mine. But motherhood has  been the most beautiful "job" I've ever been blessed to have because baby girls, you make my heart sing. And I am so thankful that God chose to give us the two of you.

Happy first year my loves,

Your Mama.

Picture 3

Picture 3

Ps. notice the lil logo on our photo? Katherine Fallis of Furnished Photography has done all of our girls photos and is fantastic and this is a shameless plug for her because we love her. Just sayin... you need family photos? She's your girl.