To the boy who stole my pretzel

Dear Boy who took my pretzel,

You know who you are.

I was kind to you yesterday, but you should know that retrieving food from a pregnant woman is a dangerous thing. Although I suppressed my impulses/hormones to jump the counter and eat all of the pretzels and processed cheese I could get my grubby hands on, I still am slightly bitter at you. I'm trying to not hold a grudge, but even after a day has passed, I'm still craving a pretzel from your store but am stubborn/mad enough not to come back so soon. We shall see how long until I cave (I say probably 6 more hours), and when I do come back - I hope you aren't working. If you heed my advice to not retrieve food from a pregnant woman EVER AGAIN, i will promise to come back and frequent your store way too much in these upcoming months and I'll try be polite and not mock you for taking a pretzel from a pregnant lady every time I see you. 


A loyal pregnant customer

Need an Explanation???? Welllllll...

Yesterday I was out running errands and decided to venture to the mall to retrieve my favorite hot soft, buttery, salty pretzel (with a side of hot cheddar of course). I was exhausted, tired, and didn't really want to go to the mall... but I figured if I had to be there I might as well treat myself to a treat. So... after an unsuccessful trip searching for the perfect bday gift for the Mister... I was totally pumped about sitting down and eating a hot pretzel and dipping it in delicious cheese. Really... I was PUMPED.

So... I went up to the counter, ordered my usual, and the young teenage boy took my debit card and as he was ringing me up I went ahead and stuck my finger in the cheese sauce and licked my finger (don't you dare JUDGE me). I also licked the lid of the cheddar. :) heh. It was taking the young man a while, so I also took a nibble off of my pretzel - I mean after all, he had handed it to me... what's a hungry pregnant woman supposed to do?

Well the young boy, lazily walks back and here is our conversation:

Boy: "Sorry, our machines aren't working for some reason..." BLANK STARE.

Me: "Ok, well... I can wait a few minutes, I'm obviously in no hurry."

To which he says, "No, I can't let you eat that without paying for it" and takes back my used pretzel and cheese.

Me: (BLANK STARE OF SHOCK) "Well do you take checks? Can I just leave a check with you and when it starts working again you can run it? I promise I'm not trying to rip you off - just a pregnant woman trying to get a pretzel."

Boy: (sigh... contemplating... checks his phone with one hand, still holding my pretzel in another) "I don't think I know how to take checks?"

Me: "Is there someone here that does?"

Boy: "No."  it's as if the conversation is over and he's REALLY ready to start texting his gf again; boy is now looking up at me from his phone as if he wishes I should just walk away.)

Me: Incredibly shell shocked (& hungry), but still trying to be uber polite because the Mister and I have seen way too many people be rude in the quick service business... "Ok, so your store is open for business, but you can't take anyones money? And you took back a used pretzel and cheese from a pregnant woman? Maybe you should call your boss. I'm going to walk away now and go to Target now and get another pretzel, but you should really call your boss. Hopefully he'll have a better solution for the problem so you can help the next customer better."

So I left the boy... with my pretzel & cheese... and just walked away reminding myself that I am extremely hormonal these days and logic MUST prevail and that if I jumped over the counter to retrieve my pretzel and then just ran... I'd probably be breaking some sort of law. SO i kept walking and reminded myself that he was just a kid - who probably didn't want to get in trouble with his boss for giving out "free" food. And I did end up at Target's food court with a pretzel...

BUT... I really love that pretzel store and it just made this pregnant woman really sad last night. hahahaha. :) No worries, I'll be back soon - but I was just completely in shock of having a teenage boy take back a used pretzel from a very pregnant woman.

Lesson to be learned by all: A pregnant woman never forgets... so do NOT take food from her.

For real though - if I see that kid again, which I'm sure I will... I'm totally giving him a hard time.

Happy Hump Day! Friday's a'comin!

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