Weekend Review - week 30

Almost August - I wonder if this is the month??? Or if this is our last month before the girls make their appearance... Only time will tell! But it's crazy when you put it in that perspective.

I had an awesome weekend - The Mister left me for one more manly getaway with his boys at the lake before the gals get here - so I had a whole weekend to rest and relax with some people I love... A LOT.

First off, Cor - a bff from college who still lives in the area - spent Friday night with me. We literally sat in our pj's on my couch and watched/mocked the Olympic opening ceremonies. For real - it was one of those times where I think I might have understood/enjoyed it more if I had been able to have a glass of wine... but alas, I sat confused the majority of the time. :) But it was glorious to be able to veg with Cor and just spend time doing nothing together. Friends like that are precious jewels.

(Pic obviously from pre-pregnancy... us getting ready for a friend's wedding)

Then Saturday I had my last shower - and seriously - we are SO blessed to have such supportive family and friends who have taken the time love on us and the girls during this pregnancy.

THEN... my Mil spent the afternoon with me relaxing at the house post shower (notice the swelling that has set in)...

AND THEN... these rascals came to keep me company Saturday night:

That's right my bro, sil, and nephews came to visit! Which was REALLY exciting. It really was just perfect. My brother, sister and I just sat around chatting the entire time while the boys ran around being their adorable selves. It was so nice... SO nice.

This weekend was exactly what I needed to feel rejuvenated to finish this pregnancy well. Sometimes all you need is just to be around people who know you well to gain some perspective and get energized. And for real... I love my friends and family. LOVE them.

Anyways, the Mister is coming home soon and it's National Cheesecake Day with 1/2 priced cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory... GLORY. You know what that means!

Much love,

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