Two Cute (pun intended)

Well friends, it's been a fun week thus far. I've been spending my days at Rex (I was released from bed rest yesterday... HOLLA!) and it's really been sooooo good. I LOVE our NICU nurses (Diana and Elana are our day nurses and I haven't met our night ones but I'm sure I'd love them too!) - seriously, though, these ladies take care of my little ones as if they were their own and I already feel like they are family. They are such blessings to us! Leaving the girls is always a hard thing to do at night and I always get a little teary (ok, who am I kidding... I'm hormonal... I get extremely teary), but I know that they are well taken care which makes the process so much easier. I can't tell you how thankful I am for these nurses - seriously... they're the

The girls' gestational age is 32 weeks and 4 days and if all goes well and they meet all their "goals," we'll be able to take them home (Lord Willing) around week 35. So we're getting close! Continue to pray for their growth and health - they are rockstars and doing amazing and we pray that they continue to do so. You can also pray for my health. Even though I'm off of bedrest now and able to spend my days at NICU, my liver enzyme levels are still raised and we're hoping that with a week more of BP meds and lots of rest at night and during the day they'll go down. Please be praying alongside of us for this! I'm ready to be healthy, off of meds, and able to take care of my babies at 100%.

I wanted to share a few shots with yall of how stinkin' cute the girls are. For real, they are so cute. I'm biased, I know... but come on... look at these pics and tell me I'm wrong... You can't. You could tell me to stop taking blurry pics with my phone and use my real camera and that's legitimate... But then I'd tell you to try to hold twins and use a real camera and see how that works for you. ;)

For now, until we can have a legit photo shoot... cell phone shots will have to suffice. Enjoy the cuteness!

Alright that's it for now... this mama is off to bed for 2 hours before it's time to pump again! ;)

Much love (and joy!)

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