The Holidays are HERE


Oh my goodness!!!! If you don't know me... you need to know this...


Like I legitimately go bananas over them.

And they're here. THEY ARE HERE. 99.5 is playing Christmas music. I have pecan pies in the oven, cookies on the table and my family is slowly trickling in. The holiday season has arrived.

I don't think you understand how happy this makes me. But I am REALLY REALLY REALLY happy right now.

Like this happy...

Babies are being tended to by family... I mean just look at these nuts... they're pretty happy about life right now.

It's going to be a great weekend folks. Simply amazing.

That's right people, it's my first year hosting Thanksgiving for my family and the Mister's parents. Don't be so impressed - my mom has been helping all week (she came in early so she wouldn't have to share the babies) and we're totally using disposable plates for Thanksgiving dinner. ha! I had hopes and dreams of a table fit for pinterest, but with baby girls here... we just decided the less dishes the better. We're going the comfy route instead of fancy - which if you know our families, is a significantly better fit. Although seriously, one day I'm definitely going to make one of those chalk board table settings... One day I'll get to my pinterest party board, one day... Maybe when the girls are in college...

Anyways, lots of firsts. Babies' first Thanksgiving. Momma's first Turkey Trot (& my first 3.1 mile run post-babies... we'll see how that goes). First thanksgiving with both sets of parents. Babies first Christmas tree is going up FRIDAY.

AHHHH i'm so excited. :)

We have a lot to be thankful for this year, that is FOR SURE!

I hope you and yours are counting your blessings this year. I know that for some, the holiday season is a hard one. For some of you this is a first Thanksgiving without a beloved family member, a child, a parent, a friend. Or perhaps you have a friend and family member fighting for their life right now. I know we have many friends with children or parents fighting cancer this holiday season & I just can't imagine. UGH. And just so you know, you are not forgotten. We are praying peace, hope, and joy over you despite your time of grief. You are not forgotten - you are not overlooked. We are interceding on your behalf and praying that this holiday season will be one of joy and peace despite your circumstances.

Much love to you all!



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