Sleep, the weekend, & a Photo Friday

Well holy cow... it's 8:00 am... and guess what?! I just finished feeding the girls at 7 after they finished an 8 hour stretch of sleep. YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. You heard me correctly... BOTH girls slept 8 hrs. I had to get up once to put paci's in... but still... BOTH girls slept EIGHT hours.


 I was pretty confused when I woke this morning. I looked at the clock, realized what time it was, tried to remember whether or not I fed them in the middle of the night, and then looked down at my sheets to get the answer... milk everywhere? YES. And then I jumped out of bed and did the "My babies BOTH slept from 11-7 dance" & ran into their room to make sure they were both ok.

Glory. Hallelujah. & Amen.

Am I expecting this tonight? No. BUT, getting both of them to sleep at the same time has been such a challenge these past few months so we're going to celebrate these moments even if they are just a fluke. I, personally, think they are signs of what's to come. The girls have almost mastered the 11-3 or 4am sleep stretch, so even that is a HUGE improvement and we are SO thankful. And this little glimpse of glory was pretty exciting. And to think that I had given up on sleeping 8 consecutive hrs ever again... :)

What a way to start the weekend!?

Speaking of the weekend, I'm pretty excited about it. Tonight I'm going to an event for Global Hope India with a few girls from church. The mister has to work late so one of the girls generously offered to wear one of the girls so I could go. (I'll be sure to take pics of the girls in the mobies with Aunty Shy.) But I am so excited... SO excited to get to do this:

Picture 7

I'm really pumped. I realized that since I stopped teaching ESL in the Spring, it's really the first time in the past 4 years that I haven't been in close contact with global projects. I worked in a missions center for three years and then this last year I was teaching ESL... and since June I've done nothing but bake babies & keep 'em alive. I know, I know... those are TWO very good excuses... but still, it is something is really important to me & I've missed it. I've missed being actively involved and I'm really trying to figure out my place during this season. I am hoping to start teaching ESL part time again next Fall, but that's a ways away. In the meantime, I'm really hoping that the Lord will open some ministry opportunities for me, even if they're little.

THEN tomorrow we have our 4 month photo shoot with the fabulous Katherine Fallis of Furnished Photography.  I love looking back at our newborn shoot and seeing how much they've grown and I can't wait to wrap our babies in Christmas lights and see what magic Katherine creates! She is SO good! So for my Photo Friday... I couldn't pick just one... I opted for a Katherine collage. ;)

Noel and Felicity


Much love,

Picture 3