Weekend Review

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Well folks the weekend has come and gone and here we are back at Monday. Which ironically, I now get why moms laugh at weekends. Monday really isn't much different from Sunday except for the fact that I no longer have an extra set of hands around the house... hmmmm. :) Anyways, I do miss those extra set of hands - they are quite handsome. I digress...

This weekend was a blast! The photo shoot with Katherine Fallis of Furnished Photography was a success!

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But don't be fooled... these lil turds look cute, but WHEW this shoot took work. Katherine is a saint! In order to get these shots... that blanket underneath the babies was both spit on and peed on. I was peed on. My floor was peed on. And the babies alternated crying. They might need therapy later in life for the things we've put them through... But hey... we got the shot. :) And Christmas cards are going to happen... they might be late seeing as my baby announcements were just mailed last week (after sitting on my dining room table for 2 months... whoops)... but they're going to happen. I can't wait to see the rest of Katherine's magic.

The Global Hope India event was also fun. Auntie Shy was fantastic and if I do say so myself... she looked fabulous in a moby wrap. ;)

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I might have got into a bidding war and am DYING to know whether or not I won... it was a Kindle touch with $30 in Amazon gift cards. Hollllllller. We didn't stay for the announcements... but I put my number down so I'm hoping for a phone call today!  It's funny, it all started out with... I should at least bid on something... then I saw the Kindle... and then I got competitive... Whoooopsies. Either way, it was fun to spend time with Shy and to support a great cause!

Today is going to be cray cray. We have a target trip, doctors appointments, and small group. So the girls will be out a lot (hopefully they'll sleep well tonight from being worn out!). And hopefully this mama can squeeze a run in sometime when the Handsome Mister gets home. Alright, I hope yall had a great week and have a happy Monday!

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