Photo Friday: Noel Snores

Picture 18

Ok so you're used to photo fridays... but I have something better today. It's not a photo... it's a video. And perhaps no one else finds this hysterical other than me and the g-rents... but we find it extremely funny.

Noel seems to have inherited a little something from her parents. Her dad, the Mister, claims to have a deviated septum which causes him to snore "breathe heavily" at night. This has not been medically confirmed, although his heavy breathing has been personally confirmed by yours truly. But, to his credit, Noel could have gotten it from me as well. When I was little (pre-removal of tonsils and adenoids), I snored like a grown mountain man, or so I'm told. My parents however don't have the video to prove it and as I no longer snore like a mountain man, I find it hard to believe. ;)

All that to say... Sweet, sweet Noel (all 9lbs 5 oz of her) snores like a grown man. Also, both tiny little girls tend to belch and pass gas like grown men too...  but I'll spare you that video. Anyways, me being the great mom that I am decided to capture it on video so I can show it to future prom dates. So without further adieu... turn your volume up and enjoy. Please excuse the lack of make-up (and sleep). Babies got their 4 mo. shots this week and until my inlaws got here, I hadn't showered since Saturday (truth. don't judge me).


Much love,

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Posted on December 7, 2012 and filed under Family, Things I love---, Twinsies.