Denying Toddlerhood

We're less than 3 weeks from the twins bday extravaganza... and Glory... this mama can't handle it. Again, why do babies have to grow up???

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I. Can. Not. Handle. It.

So I'm living in denial instead.

Yes I'm planning a party... but it is NOT their first bday party. It's something else. Like a random party with lots of cake. Who needs a reason for a large gathering with cake?? Not me. I'm also denying the fact that the girls are close to toddlerhood. My Mil and a visiting friend from KY, McKinzey, kept calling the girls toddlers this past weekend. Again... denial. I really do think they are just extremely large and advanced infants. Yup. Independent, crawling, pulling up on things, large and in charge infants that are trying to walk & talk.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

This past week has been a fun one, but a doozy. I had my first trip to Target where the girls actually mortified me. I mean... that takes a lot. I've been shopping a billion times with the girls wailing and thrashing and folks looking at me like I'm a crazy person for bringing my two crying babies out in public (or maybe it was the milk stains on my shirt and stench of soured milk... either way). Was I embarrassed then? No way. I was too exhausted to care. And quite honestly... I was most likely proud of myself for the "successful" trip into society. Who cares if the babies were screaming and I was leaking milk?! I was OUT, in public, with a grande-decaf-nonfat-caramel-latte-hold-the-whip in my hand. And I was grocery shopping. HUGE accomplishment people. HUGE. Ah... those were the days.

Now... I have large independent infants that like to pull things off of shelves and throw things out of the cart. I may or may not have had one Target trip last week where I had THREE Target employees assist me AND two customers. We were a hot mess. We broke one jar of baby food on the floor... and by "we" I mean Felicity. And we Felicity also threw some magazines in the floor and tore the page off of one. AND both girls screamed a lot. And threw fits. So by the end of the trip I was holding one screaming baby and emptying the cart, while the other baby screamed in the cart... the. whole. time.  This was also when Felicity pulled off all the magazines and ripped a page off. (This doesn't sound like toddlers at all... right? Just large, active, strong-willed newborns). Y'all, folks were staring at us like we were a freak show... and well... the reality was... we WERE a freak show. When I got back to the car I was sweating from the work out of wrangling the two of them and getting our groceries. But Lord bless Archie from Target and some of the other sweet employees there. They were SO SO SO kind (although one was not so kind... but that's ok... I'll leave that story for another day). But really, they were really sweet to my girls and to me despite the havoc we wreaked in their store.

All that to say... I was definitely reminded that God didn't give me my babies to make me look good. (bahahahahhahahaha.... ahahahahahhahahahah.... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA). Duh.

And if there was any doubt... my friend McKinzey and her adorable daughter visited from Wed-Sun and I may or may not have skipped showering the entire time while she was here. Yup. True story. And then my babies got sick with some tummy virus... and Glory... we ALL smelled a little funky. Alas, last night was the first time I washed my hair since Tuesday. Again... Say it with me... MY ALMOST TODDLERS BABIES AREN'T HERE TO MAKE ME LOOK (OR SMELL) GOOD.

And we're about to go for another round of who knows what at Target today... Have mercy. I'm a glutton for punishment. But the truth is... I love every minute of it, which is part of the reason why I cannot get my head around my lil girls growing up. This year has been a whirlwind. An absolutely beautiful, messy, disaster of a whirlwind. And although I'm thrilled to actually be sleeping again... I know that 25 years from now I'll look back on this year and miss the lack of sleep, messy house, and broken jars of baby food at Target.

These are the moments that I'm soaking up and trying to savor, because time really does fly when you're having fun. :)


Much Love to you all,

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