The Battlefield: Our Couch


See that couch? It is now a fortress blocking the stairs from F & N. I mean... we tried the shove all of our junk in front of the stairs AND then we even added a baby gate and you can see how well that worked out for us. 


Then we tried having a hug box blocking the stairs, but that didn't last long either.  

Then we tried pushing our ottoman in front of the stairs and shoving pillows in the crack... and the girls figured out how to climb it.  

So we looked around the room and to find any large object possible to block their beloved stairs. Because let's all be honest. I thought I would just teach them "No mam" and eventually after months of training, they'd be perfect kids and listen. But nope. My kids are obsessed with climbing the stairs and until they figure out that the proper way to go down stairs is NOT face first... we had to figure out something for those moments when I can't be two places at once (ie. changing F's poopy diaper while N makes a run for it). So as we looked around the room we spotted the PERFECT solution. There was NO way the girls could get around or push over the couch. Not possible. 

SO now we have our couch pushed back against our stairs. And you'd think that'd work wouldn't you? We surely did. But then this happened.  


They might not be able to get around it (although they did indeed try to squeeze themselves in the cracks), but by golly they can climb it. And then once they climbed upon the couch, they realized that they can climb OVER the couch. AND VOILA. They're reunited with their beloved stairs. My children can't walk, but they do have special monkey powers. They CAN and WILL climb whatever. It's amazing. Except for the part about me not being able to turn my back ever, or blinking... no blinking. That part is a little annoying, but hey... I'm guessing this will be a short phase. After all, they gotta learn somehow that climbing up and crawling off of tall objects is indeed hazardous to your health. Let's just hope they learn quickly and not the hard way. 

Until then... I guess I'll just keep telling them no and then this will happen... 

Hope yall have a great Wednesday! I'm gonna spend my Wednesday driving these littles around Raleigh and visiting a friend while our house gets inspected... THAT'S RIGHT PEOPLE.  An inspector is coming... BECAUSE WE SOLD OUR HOUSE. and it's under contract! GLORY. Praise the Lord... no more showings (& praying that everything goes smoothly!). 

Much love to you all!


Posted on September 25, 2013 and filed under Family, Twinsies, Things I love---, Ordinary Life, Motherhood.