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World Prematurity Day


A little over two years ago... our world was rocked. Our family doubled in size as we welcomed two precious baby girls to our family. 

Here's the thing, it was one of the best moments of our lives... it was also one of the scariest. When babies are born early, it can be a traumatic event. For our family, I had been on hospital bed rest and we were hopeful to get to week 32 and then 34... and then we'd see what happened! But my body wouldn't have any of it. In this case, our girls weren't ready to get out of my belly... but my body was going toxic and it was ready for the babies to come out.

So after 31 weeks of baking, out they came and it was the most beautiful, terrifying day of our lives. All of the questioning of whether or not the girls were ok, whether or not I'd be ok, and all the good feels and scary feels at once... woof. And we became a family of four. 

And the next few weeks were of the same. Getting discharged and leaving your babies behind. Long nights and early mornings spent wrapped in chords, surrounded by beeping noises, and attached to a pump. But the joy. Of becoming a mom... Sheesh, I'm tearing up remembering the emotions while writing this. 

And after the NICU... the specialist visits, the doctor's visits, the monthly synagis shots, the hospital bills, the massive amounts of hand sanitizer, the learning to be new parents. ALL OF IT.

It can be incredibly overwhelming... but two years later...

It is incredibly rewarding. All of it. Every little detail. Every hard moment. Every tear shed. 

All of it. Rewarding. 

I used to think that I'd never look back on that season with warm fuzzies. I thought I'd always look back with a bit of sadness, but today 27 months later... I love our birth story. I love the bond that I have with my girls. I love the fight. I love the hard nights and long days. I love my NICU nurses - STILL OH SO MUCH. I love our neonatologist. I love our hospital. I adore our pediatrician. And the list could go on and on... Because after time fades away a lot of the fear and the pain, you're able to see all of the good things. The fear you felt when seeing a tiny twig of a leg be swallowed up by a preemie diaper has now turned into a sweet sentiment. And heaven knows... I love a chubby baby. But there is just a sweet special place in my heart for the tiniest of tinys.

The bad isn't forgotten... it's just shifted into something beautiful.  

And today, on World Prematurity Day, I want to give a shout out to you other preemie mamas in the trenches. You are doing an awesome job and you can and will do this. And one day, you'll blink and your baby/babies will be huge and healthy and thriving (ok... maybe not huge... but much bigger than you ever imagined). And you'll look back with wonder at how awesome your kids are AND how awesome you and your spouse are for surviving (& hopefully thriving!). And you'll see the good. I promise. It'll happen.

So high fives to you today. Because you are awesome. And you will get through this. 

If you know of a Preemie parent, I encourage you to READ THIS post to learn a little more about their journey, and send them a little love today. Because it will mean the world to them. They might not have the emotional capacity to express it today, but I can tell that years later... I am still moved by friends, family, and stranger's kindness to us during that season. So go be love today to your fav preemie and preemie parents. <3 

Happy Monday y'all & Happy World Prematurity Day. 

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I cry for you - Preemie Lovin'

Picture 9.png

Y'all, my heart is full.  

These past few weeks have been busy for the Salmons, but they've been even busier for a few friends of ours. In the last month we've had TWO sets of friends give birth to twins prematurely. 

Then a few nights ago, a friend and also parent of twins born early, posted this video on my facebook wall. This dad also serves on a board of one of the NICUs our girls stayed in, & I think this is a great resource for others to watch to get a quick glimpse into what it's like to have a baby prematurely. If you have any friends who have delivered prematurely, you need to watch this. It will help you understand and give just a brief glimpse into their world. 

Grab your tissues and push play. 


That first scene when the mama holds her baby first the first time... WOOF... the tears just spilled from my eyes,  because I remember holding my girls and all of their cords for the first time and being overwhelmed with love & relief that I could FINALLY hold them. And OH GOSH... the scene of her crying on the drive home brought back so many memories of tears shed on the car ride home... Sigh. 

And just like all mamas who have shared a common experience, we hold a special place in our hearts for others experiencing similar situations. So when I hear of other mamas giving birth early, my heart breaks for them because I remember those early weeks/months. And although there is SO much joy in those early weeks, there is also a lot of hard work & sometimes pain.

So yesterday, on my car ride from Rose Hill to Raleigh, I cried. Not for myself, but on behalf of all the mamas out there who have to leave their babies at hospitals for weeks/months at a time. I cried for the mamas who don't get to hold their baby/ies immediately after giving birth. I cried for the mamas who have to wait to touch their children for days. For the mamas who learn to how to change diapers while maneuvering cords and wires and feeding/breathing tubes and ignoring beeps and alarms. For the mamas who juggle life outside the hospital all the while wanting nothing but to spend ALL of their time by their little's side. For the mamas who are judged by family and friends when they freak out over germs when they bring their babies home, not because they're over protective, but because the same germ that causes a runny nose in the average baby could seriously damage or kill theirs. For the mamas who have to answer awkward questions from strangers about their child's size and mental development. For the mama who hesitates to share her birth story because it's not a sweet story, and is a difficult memory to rehash. 

I cry for you. 

I cry for you & I applaud you because YOU are doing a good job. You can do this & I am PROUD of you. Keep up the good work. I know you're exhausted... and you probably don't have time to cry. I get that, so I'm crying on your behalf today. 

And let me tell you, 15 months later, it's still fresh.... but I can tell you, there is light at the end of this dark tunnel. There is joy. There is normalcy. And there will be a time, (which may differ from our girls' timeline... but it will come), when you will look around and say, "We've come a long way, but we've finally made it."

Until then, keep up the good work preemie mama. And in the meantime, know that we see you, we hurt beside you, & we applaud you. 


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Like the new look? I gave the blog a simple make over last night. I hope you like it! :)

Well yesterday was a FUN day. A lot of exciting things happened.

First off, the Mister has been surprising me lately with these lil blocks... and I woke up and found one in the kitchen! They just absolutely make my day. I know it's always going to be a good day when I wake up to one of these lil' gems.

YOU are...I mean, how can they not make you smile?

THEN... the salmon roe & I went to pick up....


Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 11.53.10 AM

Grammy & Papaw!!!! HELLO exciting. And they're going to be in & out, about & around this week, which is always a fun time.

AND THEN... we took the girls for their 9 month check up and something magical happened...

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 11.55.55 AM


Such a beautiful thing.

YES... That's right people... my girls are on the growth charts in every area EXCEPT Noel's height. ;) When I saw these numbers, I remained calm outwardly, but you all should know that inside I was dying to scream and dance and have a little party.

And then release a HUGE sigh of relief. Because let's all be honest. Mama's, we worry a lot. And Mama's of preemies, well, we worry about growth and catching up. So to see this kinda progress... I was PUMPED.

The Dr. was also really pleased with their growth and said that he thinks that they'll officially be "caught up" probably by their 15 month appointment. I know that some of yall are like, "Awesome. So what's the big deal?" And honestly, that's probably what I would have thought prior to having preemie babies, but now that I have had my own, it's just the little things that make life soar. We have SO SO SO much to be thankful for. The girls have been SUPER healthy and haven't had any complications, so I know that in comparison to other preemie journeys... ours has been a piece of cake. But it is reassuring to go in and have your hopes confirmed (and your worries subsided), and for that... we are praising God and celebrating that growth, for we know that every good and perfect gift is from our Father!

(Side note: For those of you moms out there right now who are wrestling with many of the challenges that come from having premature babies, please know that I don't take these moments for granted. I hope these moments of confessed joy don't cause you a twinge of pain, but rather I pray it gives you a sense of community. I pray that when one of "ours" is growing, we can all celebrate together and when one of "ours" is wrestling, we can grieve and fight together as well. Please know that I am frequently reminded to pray for you & would love to be able to be a part of your supportive community. You can leave a comment or shoot me a message and I'd love to contact you.)

Big. Sigh.

Yall this week is ridiculously busy... The Mister's bday, Mother's Day, Uncle Dubs and girlfriend L's graduation, My parents in town, BIG life transitions that will be announced later... and no I'm not pregnant. All that to say, I'm hoping to take some time to capture some of these moments in word/picture... but we'll see. The girls are getting into a consistent & simultaneous nap routine (PTL), so I'm hoping to be able to whip this blog into SHAPE in the next few weeks! ;) I wanna get This Sassy Salmon up and running again...

We'll see what happens...

Much love and wishing GROWTH to you all,

Picture 3

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