And we're back!!!

Well folks, we're back in RDU! We survived our first plane ride with twinsies!

Glory. Hallelujah. & Amen.

The girls did great - and by great I mean they weren't awful. No, but for real, the way to Ky was fantastic! They barely made a peep. The way back was a little more hectic... but overall we didn't cause a scene. Unless you count boarding an airplane to oooh's and ahhhhh's a scene. :)

Picture 4

I mean, I'm biased, but they are pretty cute. But more than that they are loved... oh so loved. I had such a fun time taking them home to kentucky and watching my family and friends dote on them.

Here are a few snapshots from the trip (for the record, the first two are Felicity, second two Noel, last two Noel):

IMG_2296 IMG_2319IMG_2308IMG_2303IMG_2181IMG_2326IMG_2323

As you can tell, the babies were loved on plenty!

Also... just in case you were wondering... I still have Christmas cards all over my dining room table... it's the stinking 20th. I think it's about time I get these out... Maybe today will be the day.

Alright folks, I'm out for the day but before I go lick envelopes I have a quick question... I'm cleaning up my blogroll and am looking for some snazzy new blogs to read. What are your favs? And if you have time... Why are they your fav?

Much Love,Picture 3