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New Fav Cookie: Double Chocolate Chip

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This post has nothing to do with the babies... I KNOW?! Crazy right?!?! This might be a first since they've entered into our world.

Anywho, for those of you who know me, you know I love to cook/bake and there is nothing that brings me more joy than to find an awesome new fav. on Pinterest. This year, I found the jackpot for chocolate lovers. I've made these cookies a couple of times and they are a hit. So without further adieu I'm going to share the recipe with yall because it is TOO good not to share.

Again, this is NOT my personal recipe (I don't want to take credit where credit is NOT due). Although, I must confess I do tend to take a recipe and never follow it exactly (a little more vanilla here, a TON more chocolate chips there, etc). But if you're looking for the foundation for a great double chocolate chip cookie recipe, look no further. I found the recipe on Pinterest, but the original recipe can be found here at Kitchen Simplicity. Also, all photo creds also go to the original recipe blog.

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Here is the original recipe directly from Kitchen Simplicity (great foodie blog to follow... fyi). The only "official" alteration I usually make is I definitely do more chocolate than the original recipe requires. Sorry I don't quite measure, but I'm guessing that I usually use probably double the chocolate chips and I probably use 5-6 oz. of semi sweet choc. to mix with the butter. Hey, the more chocolate the merrier... right? Also, I must scoop out bigger cookies because this will usually get me 20-24 cookies... definitely not 30.

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Much love,

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A Pinterest Craft and Recipe

Alright people... I tried a new pinterest craft and recipe last week while the parental units were in raleigh with me and the mister. The thing about Pinterest is that although it's AWESOME - sometimes you never know how a recipe or craft might actually turn out. I've made a few recipes and then at the end of dinner, the Mister and I just look at each other and agree that it's not worth making again. :) So I thought I'd share these two pins because they are GREAT - and if I can do them... anyone can.

We'll start with the recipe because it is AMAZING. So last Thursday night, we had dinner at our place for my parents, inlaws, and then the Mister's bro and gf. First off, have I mentioned how much I love the fact that my inlaws and my family get along so well???? No... well I do. :)

So for dessert I wanted something light, healthy, but sweet and refreshing. Alas, Pinterest delivered (and Thank you McKinzey for the pin)...

Yes... That is Pineapple Sorbet served in a pineapple shell. So I went to the original recipe, followed her instructions (the one without the ice cream attachment), and made a double batch. I have to say... a double batch barely served 8 people (we had zero leftovers...) so beware. But with the first half of the batch, I did only pineapple and had it displayed in one half of the pineapple. But the second half, I decided to add in some frozen strawberries to the blend and made a pineapple strawberry sorbet and displayed it in the other half of the pineapple. I have to say - what I wasn't prepared for was HOW frozen it would be coming out - not smooth at all. We actually had to stick it in the microwave to thaw it out, but after a few minutes it was PERFECT. After that, I served a scoop of each in lil' juice glasses and it was delicious. A perfect summer recipe that mainly consists of fruit that I plan on using again!

Ok... Craft time.

I saw these beauties on pinterest when I just found out I was preggers.

And ever since then... I've wanted to make them for Noel and Felicity's room. So while ma and mil were around last week we tackled these bad boys. You'll have to wait til later this week (or maybe next week) to see the final pics of the room... but this craft turned out awesome.

We made a few adjustments to the original instructions. We changed (1) size of balls and (2) we used styrofoam balls instead. But just like the blogger stated... this craft project takes a LOT of time. If my mom and mil weren't here... I'm not sure HOW long it would've taken me solo. Here's a photo of the beginning...

And here's a pic of the end result:

Alright, as you're reading this... I'm at the lake relaxing... so I'm going to get back to that now! But I just wanted to share a few things off of Pinterest that have worked for our home! :) Go to Pinterest and check 'em out!

Much love,

Crockpot Chicken Ranch Tacos

Ok so last week you I told you that I was trying out a recipe on Pinterest: Chicken Ranch Tacos.

Well let me tell you something... the Mister and I L.O.V.E.D. them. I made a few alterations so I'm going to list my version here as the link to the recipe on Pinterest is different from the picture and instructions.

Ingredients (for 1 box of 10 count taco shells):

 2 chicken breasts

1 can of black beans

1 can of chicken broth

1 packet of spicy taco seasoning

1 packet of spicy ranch

Taco Shells

OPTIONAL: Spices of choice (I sprinkled some onion, crushed red pepper, garlic seasoning as well... but only a dash)


1 Tomato



Sour Cream


1. I had my chicken already thawed out - so I chopped it up into pieces and tossed 'em in the crock pot. If you have frozen chicken breasts, I bet just tossing em in frozen and tearing them up later would work too.

2. Sprinkle the taco and ranch packets overtop the chicken in the crockpot.

3. Add beans & chicken broth to crockpot.

4. Cook on LOW for 6 hours (if using frozen chicken, maybe add some time to it). FYI: I set mine to go on "Warm" after the 6 hrs is finished...

When you're ready to eat...

5. Cook taco shells (follow instructions on box). The Mister likes crunchy so we went with crunchy.

6. While shells are cooking, chop up that tomato & lettuce and get the cheese and sour cream out of the fridge.

7. Fix up your dish and enjoy!

The mister ate a TON of tacos and we both decided it was a hit. So easy and so flavorful! We also think it could be served over Spanish rice in the winter as that juice in the crockpot was DELICIOUS.

I for one, love, love, love nachos so I broke up a few shells and poured the chicken and beans mix (along with the juice) over my broken up shells and topped accordingly (sorry I didn't get a pic of those because I inhaled them).

Alright! for real... this is one to add to your Easy, Last Minute, crockpot meals! I just thought I'd post what we did differently from the original recipe and the Pinterest Recipe!

Much love! I'm off to Kentucky for the week! can't. stinkin. wait.

See you on the flip side!

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